Monday, December 20, 2010

Posh Punk

Emmi's favorite little friend (who happens to be the daughter of one of my besties) had a birthday party weekend before last. For her present, I made her two sets of pajamas. I love to sew. I am constantly making things for my kiddos. Jill just has to have an all white nightgown for character dress up day? Well, let me make it! But sewing for other people? It just wasn't something I had ever done. Yet, as soon as Emmi's little friend unwrapped her gift, I had two moms asking me to make sets for their daughters. They both spent the rest of the party convincing me that I needed to open up shop. So that is just what I did.


My little venture is just in its infant stage and has a long way to go. Over the next few weeks, more items will be added to my etsy store. In the works are more pajama sets, infinity scarves (inspired by Jill and her love of scarves.....just like her mom!), layered ruffle skirts, and much more.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

World's Best Run On Sentence

My favorite part of reading the online news is reading the comments. It might be the best form of entertainment. Ever. How can you not love things like this?

Couyld you people who leave comments at least learn to spell, I realize it is hard to spell correctly when you are evidently in the process of hating the person you are commenting on, however to the Misfit character, it is their, not there grief, or whatever the purpose you used the word, their and there have two different meanings, so perhaps instead of jumping to leave a comment, try picking up a thesaurus (yes that is a word too, in fact it is a book a lot like a dictionary which you should also use, ) so instead of hating, try learning to spell, that goes for all of you haters.

They spelled "could" wrong when bitching about poor spelling. Although, I applaud them for attempting to make that all one sentence.