Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did you say "anything else?"

Emmi has an appointment with a plastic surgeon in February to discuss correcting her soft palate. The last appointment we had with him did not go well. The guy was an ass. I know, I know. You want to know why I am going back to him. Well, simple. 'Cause he happens to be the best pediatric cranio-facial doc around. Good surgery skills trump bedside manners when you are cutting into my kid's head. Anyway, not only am I making Kenny come with me, but the therapist that diagnosed Emmi is attended the appointment, as well. Except, she realized today that Emmi's appointment was scheduled for a day she would be out of town. She called the surgeon's office to have them reschedule with me for the following week. I told her that I had not taken the first available appointment purely because it was at 9am, so I wanted her to make sure they did not try to give me a 9am appointment. We live on the outskirts of Houston. Driving into town at 9am, would mean we have to leave the house before 7am. It also means one of my parents would have to come to town to get Jill on the bus. And? Emmi acts like a fool in doctor's offices after she has been trapped in the car for two hours. The therapist laughed. She told me she would have the scheduler call me.

My phone rings.

"Tricia? Hi. We have a 9:15 available for Emmi on the 23rd."

"Do you have anything else?" Seriously? 9:15 is no better than 9.

"No ma'am. There is nothing else."

"Okay, well. What about another day, because I can't get there by 9." I explain the bus thing and the two hour drive thing.

"Oh, well, he can see you at 10:45 instead."

Ummm. Apparently we have differing definitions of "anything else."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We swore in a new president yesterday. There are so many things this could mean, so many things we could talk about yet....

Four different news reports have come on in the past twenty minutes all discussing Michelle Obama's outfit choice. Really?

Monday, January 19, 2009

This time it wasn't my foot....

Most times I secretly, okay not so secretly, enjoy when people say something stupid and then visibly squirm afterward, as they try to recover. Yesterday, though, I honestly ended up feeling bad for the poor girl.

Emmi was invited to a birthday party. I talk to the mom at dance class, but we have never socialized outside of class which meant we would know nobody else at the party. No big deal. Within in minutes, Kenny and I had already laughed at some guy who smiled sweetly at Jill and Emmi and announced that he and his wife wanted another child as a playmate for their daughter. Kenny and I exchanged glances that said, "Playmate? You mean rival?" Then we moved on to another mom who was in the middle of a hysterical story about her acquaintance with poison control. This mom, we liked. We talked to her for awhile before the kids moved on to eat cake and find party horns.

Emmi, having what is technically considered a cleft of her soft palate, can't blow without plugging her nose. She came to me for help. We sat, me pinching her nose, her blowing the horn. The funny mom, from across the room calls out, "Are you plugging her nose!!" So I matter-of-factly explain, with a smile on my face to make it clear I am not offended.

Yet, the poor lady turns red. She looked like she was about to cry. Her husband looked like he wants to find the closest rock, and shove her under it. Everyone was looking back and forth between her and me. I continued to smile and mouthed, "It's okay," to her, but she still looked mortified.

And somehow I ended up feeling bad for her, even though she opened her big mouth and technically made fun of a disabled kid in front of a room full of people.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I don't think they like me.

We used to live next door to a burned down house. Now we live next door to a half torn up slab and a pile of rubble. The burned down house didn't bother me near as much as the crap we have now. Our HOA demanded the home be torn down. Great. Except they got about half way through the project and abandoned it back in October. For months a Bobcat sat on the property, and there is one large pile of concrete dangerously close to our yard. The pile stands a good five feet tall, and now random things are collecting on top. Yup. It is becoming the neighborhood dump pile. So finally, I started bitching to our HOA. I took pictures of the massive holes they left, the pile of rubble, the damage they caused to the grass, and the trash that has blown into our yard. I bitched about the crap that flew into our window (causing no damage, but needed for dramatic affect y'all), the glass that Jill cut her foot on, and the concrete chunks the dogs bring in the house. And for once, I actually tried being polite.

Wouldn't you know it, I received a phone call and emails promising that it would be taken care of. Low and behold, the construction company showed back up this morning. Except? Yeah. I am pretty sure they know it was me that bitched about their lack of follow through. And my Spanish may not be great, but I am pretty sure those were not pretty words coming out of their mouths when I walked outside. The good news is I have been promised that we will have a pretty little park area next door to use by the end of the month.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Oh...and a new post should be up here later today.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wedding Blog

It has taken me a few days (and I sure there is still some tweaking to do), but I finally have my first post on the my wedding blog. My goal is to keep up both blogs. Ha! We will see how good I do at that. Okay, now go click the link.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Repo Man or some such.

Kenny and I bought our house over two years ago. It was a foreclosure, so the piles of unpaid bills in the previous owner's name came to be expected. I went above and beyond contacting companies to inform them that Karina and John no longer lived here. The mail tapered off, except for the occasional junk mail here and there. Then this morning we wake up to this taped to my car.

Oh. For reals. After many phone calls to "Mr. Garcia" with no answer and no ability to leave a message, I finally did what my attorney, ahem, my dad told me to do and contacted the police. I have seen that show where they repossess people's cars. I am not about to get in a fight with that big 'ole dude. The one with the 'stache and the huge tattoo. Like he is really going to believe I am not Karina, as I chase him down the street screaming, "No! For real. My name is TRICIA!" I now have about a bajillion signs taped to my car informing them that towing my vehicle is illegal, as it does not belong to Karina or John, nor do I know said Karina or John.

I also got my video camera out, cause if they do show up to tow my car I am totally taping it as I chase them down the street.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A new blog coming soon....

Ever see the days when We "Goes Bridal," and plays only wedding shows all damn day long? Yeah. I fear my blog is heading that way, and quite frankly you all are not nearly as interested in my wedding as I am. So I am in the process of setting up a separate blog for the wedding crap that way you can choose whether or not to be bored to death about my wedding for the next fifteen months. Until then, I found my wedding dress!

Nope. That isn't it. It is just the one my sister made me try on. Poofy. With flower appliques. I think there might have be a whole village lost underneath that poofball skirt. Mine is completely different, but I will give you no details. The hardest part is not telling Kenny. He is the one I want to approve of it. AND. I. CAN'T. TELL. HIM. ANYTHING. ABOUT. IT. It is driving me insane. He told me he has no sympathy, as he had to ring shop for months by himself. Point taken.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Craigslist Bridal

Okay. I get that my wedding is, like, in forever. Or really just about 15 months. But Kenny and I are working with a budget, so I am already shopping around for decor. Craigslist has become my friend. I missed out on some great candelabras yesterday. Damn. Anyway, while searching, I have stumbled upon some amazing wedding dresses. Some as low as $100. But a used dress? I am just not sure. But some of these are just too good to pass up.

For instance,

"BEAUTIFUL!-------- Custom made dress. Worn for a short time, in excellent condition."

Priced at $100.00

Or perhaps,

"Classic Princess Wedding Dress."

Originally purchased for over $1000.00. Priced at $300.00

How ever does one pass up such a glorious dress like this? I mean, just look at that heart cut-out in the back.

And if that one is a little too much, there is always this one.

A "beautiful" dress "purchased from Davids bridal (still has tag) and was never worn. Im pricing it low for a quick sell also because it will probably need to be cleaned just because it hung in a close for a while. But the dress is in perfect shape with no stains."

I don't know. What do you guys think?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 is here. I wasn't, at first, either excited for or dreading 2009. 2008 wasn't bad, but we did have the typical amounts of doctors appointments and medical procedures and such. I guess I could wish that we would have less this year, but that isn't going to happen. So taking that out of the equation, 2008 was pretty damn good. Now with the excitement of planning a wedding ahead of us, 2009 is beginning to look like a little bit of fun.

I hope everyone is looking forward to this year. Or at least ready to let go of 2008!