Friday, October 28, 2011

Got my lunch packed up...

Did I tell you? I am back in school. I pretty sure the decision to finish my degree spawned out of boredom. It seemed like a fantastic idea until I actually had to do homework and study. Although, I would be lying if I tried to pretend like I didn't like it.

See the thing is I love winning. And being the winner. And being better than everyone else. It makes me happy. In a sick, sad way. My first time in college, I was not the winner. Sure, I passed Calc II, but barely. But now? I kick school's ass. I don't know if the classes are easier or if actually caring about attending classes and doing the work makes a difference. Who knew you should actually show up to class. Sober. And while I know I am putting in much more effort this time around, I am pretty sure this school is just slightly easier.

Take my management class for example. We get bonus points. For wearing orange to school on Fridays. Like it is Kindergarten. So every Friday I rock my orange, so I can have a 112 average. Except, I couldn't just wear my free Friday shirt like everyone else.

Bleh. Friday shirt.

Nope. I had to be the Friday orange winner. So I turned mine into a scarf. While you fools are in your orange shirt and sweatpants, I have on real pants.

Friday shirt + scissors + elastic thread = Friday scarf

And. Oh my God. School makes me look sleepy.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I think I am back. But I may forget to write again for another year.

Hello, Old Friend. I mean this blog. Not you. I wouldn't call you old. To your face.

Where does one pick up after writing twice in the past year? Do bullet points work as an update on everything that has happened? I think so.

In no particular order, Dec 2010 through now.

  • Moved. Same neighborhood. Different house. And it has a craft/sewing room that is all mine. I like to hide in there.

  • Ran a bunch of races. Running my second Half Marathon in three weeks. Running 10 for Texas in one week.

  • Went back to college. Already changed my major once. Contemplating changing my minor again. Turns out I love Accounting. The numbers line up in such pretty little rows.

  • We bought another landscaping company.

  • Jill is no longer in elementary school. I swear she just started Kindergarten.

  • A bunch of other random crap. I can't really remember it, so that means you really won't give a shit about it either.

The End.