Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Practical Advice

The kids go back to school on Monday. A few days ago, they posted teacher assignments. Jill was a little upset because they split up her and her two best friends. What she was most upset about was being stuck with the one kid who acts like an asshole to her all day, everyday. I started to spew off some nonsense about how she just needed to remember to kill him with kindness or some crap like that. But then I stopped myself. Why do we also tell our kids this bullshit? Why don't we tell them how it really is?

Some people are just assholes. Being kind to them isn't going to make them less of an asshole. It is just going to peg you as the person who won't stand up to them. Maybe this will make them look for another target, but more than likely it will make them decide you are the perfect target. I say put them in their place. When some little punk boy mouths off to her, she should respond with "Assholes like you grow up to be assholes who will never in a million years get a girl like me. You are going to be forty, alone, fired from four jobs, twice for sexual harassment, once for anger management issues, and once for just plain being stupid. Your best friend is going to be your beer can, and even your mother won't be able to stand you."

That is practical advice.

Friday, August 13, 2010

August 15th

It's almost been one year, since Kenny and I were married. It some ways it feels like no time at all has passed. In other ways, it is hard to imagine that it has only been one year with everything that has happened.

Kenny, thank you for being the husband and father that you are. You are an amazing man. And pretty damn funny, too. I am thankful for every moment we have had together, even if I still haven't figured out how to get you to put your cups in the dishwasher. Although, I guess if that is worst that I have to say about you, then I have it pretty good. Happy Anniversary. I love you.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Current Obssession.

Yesterday, we went out with some friends for some wakesurfing and wakeboarding. Kenny was able to toss the rope in while wakesurfing, and I attempted some tricks that are way to advanced for me (but I am determined to learn right this minute). I spent the whole day practicing techniques and watching videos. You know because I am going to be a pro some day obsessed.

But first, how stinkin' cute is she? I am absolutely in love with how adventurous and courageous this kid is. When she is out there wakeboarding, you see a different side of her.

And my favorite photo of the day....

Although, I should probably mention, he actually flipped of the board on purpose (which is what I was trying to get a picture of) when he started to lose his balance!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Many years ago, like over ten, I dated a guy. Let's call him The Ex. The Ex and I dated for several months. At eighteen and nineteen we thought we were a big time, serious couple. But then as most relationships between teenagers, we broke up. I turned into evil, vengeful bitch, and several of my friends may have participated in the tormenting of The Ex. Because we went to different colleges, I never spoke to him again.

Fast forward to over ten years later.

The plan for the day was the guys were going wakeboarding, and the girls were cooking dinner. Kenny went on ahead of me to meet up with our friend and another guy he had never met. When I arrived to help with dinner, I immediately question my friend about this new guy. Why? Because he happened to have the same first name as The Ex. A name that is not common at all. As in, I have never met another person with said name.

I breathed a sigh of relief when, even though she didn't know his last name, she did know that he was only twenty-four. Thank goodness, because that was going to be really awkward.

Awkward like when they walked in the back door, and my husband and the new guy are chatting away and I freeze because it is clearly The Ex who is definitely not twenty four and he has just been hanging out with my husband.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Breaking My Bloggy Silence... introduce Jill the Badass. Seriously, I might have the coolest kid ever.

Let's recap our summer so far.

While tubing, she takes time to pose.

Cliff diving. A sport that every nine-year-old should try.

And then she bought herself this.

And did this at her first lesson ever.

Ignore my inability to focus the camera on her. I blame Emmi. She was tugging on my arm. And speaking of little Emmi. Even she took a turn.