Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Practical Advice

The kids go back to school on Monday. A few days ago, they posted teacher assignments. Jill was a little upset because they split up her and her two best friends. What she was most upset about was being stuck with the one kid who acts like an asshole to her all day, everyday. I started to spew off some nonsense about how she just needed to remember to kill him with kindness or some crap like that. But then I stopped myself. Why do we also tell our kids this bullshit? Why don't we tell them how it really is?

Some people are just assholes. Being kind to them isn't going to make them less of an asshole. It is just going to peg you as the person who won't stand up to them. Maybe this will make them look for another target, but more than likely it will make them decide you are the perfect target. I say put them in their place. When some little punk boy mouths off to her, she should respond with "Assholes like you grow up to be assholes who will never in a million years get a girl like me. You are going to be forty, alone, fired from four jobs, twice for sexual harassment, once for anger management issues, and once for just plain being stupid. Your best friend is going to be your beer can, and even your mother won't be able to stand you."

That is practical advice.


Clemson Girl said...

Amen girlfriend! Oh how I'd loooooove to give my past bullies a good piece of my mind.

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...that is GREAT advice...and I would love to hear that come out of a little kids mouth.

Michaela said...

Hi there. I stumbled across your blog. Hope u dont mind me visiting! You sound like a fun gal. Power to you, for being such a devoted Mom. Your girls are beautiful, and a credit to you...xxoo

lala said...

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HiLLjO said...

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