Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caterpillars and Pigs

Yesterday, our family doctor gave us some very bad news. Jill can't go back to school for at least seven days. SEVEN days? Is he trying to kill me? Is my blood pressure not high enough? The kid is not even that sick. But she may or may not have a certain illness.
And now she has gotten her sister sick, which means I am now busy hunting down Tamiflu. Emmi has to be treated, because of her pre-existing conditons. And so now they are both sentenced to at least seven days at home. They must be fever free for three days before they can go back to school. I am sure they will be fine. However, I am not sure I am going to make it. Nor am I sure the world's population of butterflies will survive.

Do you think caterpillars can get the piggie flu?

All the caterpillars have names. Mommy, Daddy, Emmi, Jill, Madelyn (her sister on her dad's side), Allie (her best friend), and Ally (Emmi's best friend). Apparently, Emmi (the real one, not the caterpillar) just squished one of the Allies. There is a fight I am pretending not to hear.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Donut know when to shut up.

Quite often a police car or two is parked in front of the kids' schools. I have inquired about this before, and learned they are required to stop by each school a certain number of times each week. One or two police cars is not all that unusual. Four seemed a bit much.

But when I walked in, all four officers stood laughing and talking in the foyer. They all said hello, as I walked by. Being the smartass I am, I quipped, "Those kindergartners giving you trouble?"

The smallest of the officers laughs and replies, "No ma'am. Just hanging out."

Not knowing when to shut up, I go on. "Well, four police officers 'hanging out' in front of the school kind of makes the mommies nervous. Maybe you guys should go hang out across the street." I glance back over my shoulder as I say across the street, getting a glimpse of the only building across the street.

A donut shop.

Silence. And I am parked in a fire zone.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Cat's Meow

Halloween is right around the corner. I happen to love Halloween. I get into the costumes and the candy and the scaring of the neighborhood children. Did I tell you how last year Kenny hid in the bushes, set Emmi and Jill out front with the candy dish, then scared the crap out of a group of about ten junior high kids when they came to trick or treat at our house? The best part of the whole thing was the neighbor across the street video taped it from his driveway where he was handing out candy. The girls screamed. But the boys? They ran! And screamed, high pitched little squeals. We heard kids telling the story for the rest of the night and for several weeks after. Jill is still known as the kid whose dad hid in the bushes on Halloween. I am already planning what we will do this year. It has to top last year. We have to live up to our reputation. And I should probably also get with the program in the Halloween costume department.

Emmi's we have figured out. I actually lucked out. Sitting in my bedroom is a picture of Jill at four and Emmi at seven months. They are decked out in the Halloween costumes. Jill is a pink witch, Emmi a black cat. The picture cracks me up, because of what you can't see. Emmi could not hold her head up. So to get the shot, we had to put a pillow under the white screen, lift Emmi's head, then click the picture before her head clunked down. It was hysterical. And a bit sad. But mostly funny, because everyone, including Emmi, was laughing. And somehow, the picture is perfect. A few weeks ago, Emmi noticed the picture for, perhaps, the first time. And insisted that she MUST be a pink witch for Halloween. Then, by random luck, I cleaned the storage bins in the garage (That isn't the lucky part. That part fucking sucked.), and shoved at the bottom of one was the pink witch costume. Preserved in perfect condition, lacking only black tights. Hell yes. One down, one to go.

Jill has been more difficult. First she was going to be Demi Lavato. I assumed that would work out as good as the Hannah Montana costume of last year. She would deem the wig too itchy, the jacket too hot, and the shoes too tight. Therefore ending up in a white t-shirt, a purple skirt, and flip-flops, looking pretty much like she does everyday. I vetoed that idea. She moved on to Taylor Swift, because she could "wear her real hair" and just carry her guitar. Right. I can see where this is going. I am going to end up carrying that guitar all through the damn neighborhood, while, no doubt, carrying Emmi at the same time. Veto again. Then I had a brilliant idea. Jill and her friends play this game. The Cheetah Game. It basically consists of chasing the boys that she thinks are cute around on the playground, while calling themselves The Cheetah Team. She now loves cheetahs. And Tyler. But we are not allowed to talk about how cute Tyler is. I suggested she be a cheetah. A tail. Some ears. I am sure I could find something.

Something would be one word for the costumes I found. Hooker would be another.
For that sassy little eight-year-old, who loves come hither looks and flipping her tail around. The website promises me she will be the "cat's meow" in this one.

And I know, perhaps, only my child loves cheetahs. So for the rest of you.

Don't worry. It now comes in sizes 4-6x, too!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A day in pictures.

Kenny and I were out running errands, when we stopped behind a handyman at a light. Since we have our landscaping company info on our truck, I am in the habit of sizing up other people's advertisements on their vehicles. At first I was just tearing apart Handyman's unfortunate spelling abilities, until I noticed his bumper sticker.

"Dude. Kenny. That guy totally has a sticker that says 'Heavily Armed. Easily Pissed.' Oh yeah. That is the guy I want to let in my house to work on my shit. Maybe I could tell him I don't like the way he tiles, and then he could get pissed....wait a second. LOOK! His other bumper sticker says "Dare to resist drugs and violence.' What?! Dare to resist violence and heavily armed?!"

I knew I needed a picture. Out came the blackberry. Click. Click. Click. Roll. Roll.
Fuck! The stupid roller ball was stuck, and the camera would not zoom. "Kenny, I need that picture for my blog," I cried in despair. But it was too late. He had turned, and the damn roller ball was still stuck. No zoom. No picture. Fail.

Commence pouting.
But then, wouldn't you know it. Something better, even more amazing, came along. A better picture opportunity! We pulled along side a police officer shaving his face while driving in a school zone. You can't talk on your phone in a school zone, but shaving your face is cool? This. This would totally make up for the missed armed and pissed shot.
Out came the camera. Click. Tap. Click. Phone lock stuck. Motherfuckingstupidfucker. Why!

Further into despair I sunk. "That picture would have made up for it."
Pouting the rest of the drive, I sat looking out the window. But then? There is a God, and he is good. Because right there. Right next to me. Was a man pushing a dog in a swing. Dog. In. A. Swing. I am going to get my picture. I am. Phone out, unlocked, zoom working. Hell yes. My thumb hovered over the shutter button, pausing long enough for puppy pusher to notice me. Faster than I click the button, he takes the dog from the swing.

I was heartbroken. I needed those pictures. For my blog. For you.
But all was not lost. I had a plan. An idea. It was genius. "I can draw the pictures, Kenny!" He looked at me like I was stupid. "Tricia, you need to get a job. You have too much time on your hands."

I could have been insulted. Instead? I smirked. "You totally know that is going on my blog. With a picture."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh Kanye.

This might be my favorite thing ever. Go ahead. Watch it a few times.

Monday + DMV = WTF

I love Mondays. I love Mondays spent at the DMV where all you accomplish is being told to come back when you have done it right. But you can't do it right, because nobody informed the SS office that DMV has new rules.

Back in the good ole days that really weren't so good because I was married to a douchebag, all you did was show up at the DMV with a marriage license. Then boom, new ID, new name. I never even bothered to change my SS card. I just ran around town with an alias of one name, while still, technically, being another person. This made things very simple when I later divorced his ass. All I had to do was show up at the DMV with a copy of my SS card, and then I was back to me. So, I thought I had it all under control when I showed up at the DMV with my marriage license and such.

Wrong. You have to change your SS first now. Except, the SS admin wants something with your new name on it before they change your SS card. Something like a license. Somebody please explain how this works. I need a license to change my SS card, but I can't get a license until I change my SS card? Seriously? Are you fucking with me? You know it is Monday, right? You know I got up, put on makeup, and got dressed nice from the waist up for this fucking picture, right?

Shit like this is why I drove around with an expired license for over a year. Cause the DMV, they like to fuck with people. It's how they get their kicks, I think.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poles. Stuffed dead dogs. And what did you do this weekend?

When you find your kid halfway up the light pole, most parents might yell for them to get down. Me? Nope. I yell, "Don't you dare fall off before I get the camera."

Kenny would have stopped her from climbing it in the first place, but he was busy.

While Jill managed to get halfway up the light pole, we didn't really have to worry about Emmi.

The real trouble came however, when we went back inside. We discovered that while we were outside, JR, the stuffed dog, had committed suicide.

I am sure it has something to do with the smiley face I found drawn on his ass when I took him down from that coat hanger. It must have been demeaning, and he was over the abuse.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conference should be fun.

Emmi is mainstreamed this year. No deaf ed classes. She is pulled for therapy and audio services, but spends most of the day in a mainstream class. This decision? I worried about. I was scared she would not be able to keep up. I was assured she would, in fact, be ahead of many children, regardless of her vocabulary/speech issues. She can read basic readers. She can do some basic math. Still I worried. Kindergarten? Mainstream?

The first week passed with no problems. Week Two, some work came home with Emmi that she was having trouble with. I quickly figured out she didn't know the word 'different'. Solved that. I thought we were good.

Until the end of the week.

Oh Emmi is doing just fine educationally, but there is a problem. Emmi is naughty. All the time. And I think she is driving her teacher bonkers.

The notes have progressed like this:

Note One: Emmi had trouble sitting in circle time. Have a good weekend! :)

Note Two: Emmi would not stand in line. She also talked during story time. (Note the lack of smiley face.)

Note Three: Emmi ran around the classroom, refused to sit in her seat, and would not join the class when asked. Please discuss her behavior with her.

Note Four: Emmi poked another student with a pencil. When I asked for the pencil, she ran away from me. I had to chase her and grab the pencil. Your child is a holy terror. Please send her to another school, so help me God, before I use said pencil to poke myself in the eye.

I may have added the part beginning with holy terror. The rest is all verbatim. For real y'all, my kid poked another kid with a pencil then ran, giggling (according to last year's teacher) from her teacher in circles around a desk.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Maybe. Maybe Not.

The girls are finally excited about moving. Jill pretty much hates her school now. Then they saw they playground at the new school, and they were sold! Whatever, and in any case, everyone is ready to go.

And it might not happen.

See, we just weren't planning on selling this home first. And now, we have to sell in weeks. Actually, days would be preferable. While we have had some promising showings, we have no offers. Of course, the house has only been on the market for five days. Still. We are reaching the end of our option period, so we will have to give the seller the right to accept other offers. Basically all we can do now is hope for an offer quickly on our home and no offer higher than ours on the other home.

Me, being the ultimate pessimist, does not see it happening. So now, I am sad. We found the perfect house, and it may not work out.

And anyone who tells me that maybe it isn't meant to be will be hunted down and hurt. No one wants to hear shit like that. I want to hear my fax machine ring, followed by the sound of an offer printing.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why won't you stop?

Listen, jcrew, Abercrombie, Hollister and World Market. I get it. You are confused. I usually shop online with wild abandon. I hit up your stores like there is no tomorrow. I find cute things, and I just get them.

But. I have no J.O.B. Even the Starbucks runs have been outlawed. My head hurts from lack of caffeine, and frankly I just can't handle you jamming up my inbox with all of your buy this, get that, these are nice.

So lay off. I have no money. I can't buy your shit. Quit sending me stuff to make me feel bad.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Up, then down, then up....

Yesterday was kind of a rollercoaster day.

First our offer was accepted with no counter offer. I sort of expected this, with one exception. I only worried about the transfer fees on the country club membership. We asked for the seller to pay them, and I wasn't sure she would. However, she is! Awesome. The same exact floorplan sold for a significant amount more ten days ago in the same neighborhood. Why? This one needs to be painted, have the carpet (which is new) restretched, and have the wood floors polished. All things that make it not show well. All things that are simple, simple, simple and Kenny and I know to look past. The other house looked amazing. So we are getting a great deal. And our offer was accepted as is.

And then, I got laid off. After years with the same company, with no warning, I was laid off. I answered the phone while I sat in a doctor's appointment with Emmi. I mentioned I was in a doctor's appointment. And then, with Emmi's doctor listening in, I was laid off after being reassured that my job was not in jeopardy.

Kenny and I spent the rest of the day determining whether or not we could move. Should downsize? Should we stay here? Should we just move anyway? And then after much debate, we decided that since Kenny actually makes the bulk of our income, we will be okay. There will need to be some changes. But Kenny doesn't want one of those changes to be where the girls grow up. Nothing that drastic needs to happen. (Although, panicking me still does not believe) The changes need to be how often we go on vacation, and whether or not our kids get flat screen tvs and cell phones for Christmas. Perhaps their clothes will be more from Target than crewcuts. Hey, I love both. But I didn't make enough money to significantly impact our living situation.

So last night we made our decision. And I better get packing! Allison, here we come!