Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Donut know when to shut up.

Quite often a police car or two is parked in front of the kids' schools. I have inquired about this before, and learned they are required to stop by each school a certain number of times each week. One or two police cars is not all that unusual. Four seemed a bit much.

But when I walked in, all four officers stood laughing and talking in the foyer. They all said hello, as I walked by. Being the smartass I am, I quipped, "Those kindergartners giving you trouble?"

The smallest of the officers laughs and replies, "No ma'am. Just hanging out."

Not knowing when to shut up, I go on. "Well, four police officers 'hanging out' in front of the school kind of makes the mommies nervous. Maybe you guys should go hang out across the street." I glance back over my shoulder as I say across the street, getting a glimpse of the only building across the street.

A donut shop.

Silence. And I am parked in a fire zone.


Allison Talamantez said...

only you could get away with that!

Allie said...

Insert foot in mouth. LMAO

Aimee' said...

LOL - Awesome Tricia!

kristi said...