Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday + DMV = WTF

I love Mondays. I love Mondays spent at the DMV where all you accomplish is being told to come back when you have done it right. But you can't do it right, because nobody informed the SS office that DMV has new rules.

Back in the good ole days that really weren't so good because I was married to a douchebag, all you did was show up at the DMV with a marriage license. Then boom, new ID, new name. I never even bothered to change my SS card. I just ran around town with an alias of one name, while still, technically, being another person. This made things very simple when I later divorced his ass. All I had to do was show up at the DMV with a copy of my SS card, and then I was back to me. So, I thought I had it all under control when I showed up at the DMV with my marriage license and such.

Wrong. You have to change your SS first now. Except, the SS admin wants something with your new name on it before they change your SS card. Something like a license. Somebody please explain how this works. I need a license to change my SS card, but I can't get a license until I change my SS card? Seriously? Are you fucking with me? You know it is Monday, right? You know I got up, put on makeup, and got dressed nice from the waist up for this fucking picture, right?

Shit like this is why I drove around with an expired license for over a year. Cause the DMV, they like to fuck with people. It's how they get their kicks, I think.


Kristina said...

Changing a name sucks! I think that's why the guys keep their name and send us all over the world changing ours. For my name chance, SS was fine with my marriage certificate to change it. But, it had to be the Official certificate from city hall, not the one that is apparently a keepsake certificate.

Ironically, I had the hardest time changing the name on my frequent flier account! SS and DMV easy, United Airlines pain in the @$$!!!! Good luck!

Aimee' said...

Weird...I waited several months before changing my name because of school when I went to the DMV I just brought my marriage my new id and then the lady said I only had 3 days to go get a new SS card...well I didn't want to go to the SS card place because it's gross so I waited a few more months...finally scolded for waiting so long...but got my new SS card.
When Manny's wallet got stolen (30 days before our wedding..) they told him he needed a new license to get a new social but needed a new social to get the license...finally they let him use his fire dept id to get the social...which in turn allowed him to get his license...and it came in ONE week before the wedding...just in time to get our marriage license! on sentence of the year!

Allison Talamantez said...

This is the WORST thing ever. Also, just so you know, you have to have an OFFICIAL marraige lisece....from the county...not a copy, the one with the seal.....AND you have to pay for that one....I think I waited over a year to OFFICIALY change my name. It is so frustrating!

ZDub said...


I would have beat a bitch.

Anonymous said...

DMV Texas implemented the new guidelines for over a year now. You should call them and ask how that works.