Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caterpillars and Pigs

Yesterday, our family doctor gave us some very bad news. Jill can't go back to school for at least seven days. SEVEN days? Is he trying to kill me? Is my blood pressure not high enough? The kid is not even that sick. But she may or may not have a certain illness.
And now she has gotten her sister sick, which means I am now busy hunting down Tamiflu. Emmi has to be treated, because of her pre-existing conditons. And so now they are both sentenced to at least seven days at home. They must be fever free for three days before they can go back to school. I am sure they will be fine. However, I am not sure I am going to make it. Nor am I sure the world's population of butterflies will survive.

Do you think caterpillars can get the piggie flu?

All the caterpillars have names. Mommy, Daddy, Emmi, Jill, Madelyn (her sister on her dad's side), Allie (her best friend), and Ally (Emmi's best friend). Apparently, Emmi (the real one, not the caterpillar) just squished one of the Allies. There is a fight I am pretending not to hear.


Allison Talamantez said...

Oh my. Gia's friend Tyler is just not getting over the pig flu....thank goodness all the media hoopla is over. And yipeeee on the house!

I am Trish Marie said...

Jill thought she was going to die when the doctor said that is what she had, because of all of the media drama. I told her, of course not! But she would grow a tail and ears.

Aimee' said...

Just like summer break all over again in your house, right?! =) May a meet up at the Chocolate Bar will be needed after this is over!

I am Trish Marie said...

Maybe a meet up that involves alcohol would better when this is all over. Mama is GOING CRAZY!