Friday, September 7, 2007

Chinese Fire Drill. Minus the Chinese.

My day started off horribly yesterday. It ended pretty badly too. In fact, no single part of it was good. At the time, I cried. This morning it seems pretty funny.

Long story short, Emmi was missing an immunization that was overlooked, so her surgery was postponed. The next available date is two weeks away, and the shot has to be given at least two weeks prior. Meaning she had to have it yesterday to even qualify. Kenny and I ran out the door at 10:30 am, picked Emmi up early from school, and rushed off. The throbbing in my head escalated, and I demanded that Kenny pull over to get me a drink so I could take my happy pills.

Pulling out of the gas station, Kenny says "The brakes feel funny. Did they feel funny the last time you drove it?"

"They always feel funny to me. Switching between this big 'ole car and my little car, I am always.....IS THAT SMOKE?!"

Sitting at the light, smoke begins to pour from under the hood of the car. Being on a major road, we need to at least get to where we can pull over. Panic begins to set in. "Unbuckle Emmi, so you can grab her as soon as I turn the corner."

Light changes, Kenny turns the corner, brakes lock up. Both Emmi and I fly across the car. Smoke billows from under the car. Kenny and I jump from the car, pulling Emmi out.

"Our computers are in there, GRAB THEM. And my PURSE, GRAB MY PURSE. RUN EMMI, RUN!"

We cross the grass over to the church on the corner, and turn to watch what we are sure is our car about to explode. Cars screetch to halt. People yell out if they can help and if all of our children our out of the car.

I cover Emmi's eyes, and shield her from the now approaching blast.

Nothing. The smoke clears. The engine ticks as it cools. We take a few cautious steps forward. Nothing. Few more steps. Nothing. We tentatively approach the car. Still nothing.


Two hours, one tow truck, one body shop, and sixty dollars later, we sit and wait to be picked up off of the side of Buffalo Speedway.

Emmi laughs hysterically.


Sheri said...

OMG!!! No wonder I didn't hear form you. Geez! Thank goodness that didn't happen when I was in that thing with you. LOL Do they know what is wrong with it? So much for Kenny waiting to have it repaired, right...

Tiffany said...

I love your stories!