Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where the hell are my pants?

    Basically, a lot has happened in the past week. So much that my poor head can't hardly make logical sentences, let alone a full blog post. Behold, bullet points. A side note, I used to love making outlines in school. Love. Why don't I ever use outlines and bullet points here? Hmm? Moving on.

    • Obviously we moved. I took pictures of our empty, old house, planned a whole blog post about all of our happy memories, then promptly put the camera somewhere and have yet to find it.
    • Most of the house is unpacked. If most means, not the upstairs, all the random shit still in the garage, half of the kids rooms, the missing box that contains my checkbooks and my good jeans.
    • I did not realize how much traffic and massive amounts of people everywhere put me in a bad mood. Everyone kept telling me how much I would hate having to drive far to the grocery store, Target, Starbucks (two towns away, y'all). Except? I don't mind, because there is never any traffic!
    • I think I love the guards at the gate. They smile at me. They wave. Yes, they are paid to do such. But it makes me feel special. It doesn't take much, obviously. My old neighborhood gate? Nothing. Generally, the damn thing would not even open for me, let alone smile and wave.
    • My dog is freaking the fuck out. One of the them is all, "WHOA! Check out the huge backyard! Look! A squirrel!" The other is hiding in the laundry room, under the desk. She won't come out, except to eat. I bought them bones to lure Macy out of the laundry room. They are currently growling at each other over one, while the other bone sits untouched. My children do the same thing. Not with bones, though.

    Now, I need to go find those jeans...


Sheri said...

HELLO!!! Can you hear me up there? You are so far away. I just want to be sure I am coming in loud and clear for you. :P

You crack me up! I can't believe you haven't turned missing jeans into a shopping trip yet.

Catherine said...

OK, so tell me where did you move??? I dying to know!!!

I am Trish Marie said...

Sheri, Actually I CAN'T hear you because my damn cell phone does not work inside the blackhole. Now, if I go stand on the front porch, on one leg, leaning slightly to the left, I can use my phone. Coincidentally, I can also see the lake this way.

Catherine, emailing you!

Allie said...

LOL, gotta love dogs.
I'm glad you guys got moved and you love your new place so much, I can't wait for pictures.

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I heart you for these reasons:
You say fuck
you don't know where your pants are

that's all I have right now. But I'll be back.

ZDub said...

I hope you get settled soon, moving sucks.

I have a friend moving to Houston and I have a question for you.

Email me if you get a sec.

Zakaryw at gmail dot com