Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Here Comes...The Groom.

My favorite picture. Don't know why. Just love it. Those feet are my dad on the left, Kenny in the middle, and Kenny's brother on the right.

Pretty Little Girls

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Champagne Toast with the Ladies!

Anita, me, my mom (hiding!), Stacy, Cindi, Laura (my sis), and Sheri

Soon to Be Mrs.

Wedding Pictures

I can't possibly post all the pictures I want to post from the wedding in one post, so I will do it in phases.

Also, I definitely need to credit my photographer, Ashley. Go ahead and click her link. I am a big fan of her work, obviously, and of her. She is pretty damn cool, and I miss her being my neighbor!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Noboby likes a tease.

I have wedding pictures. But for now. This is all you get. A tease. Tomorrow, I might upload more. Maybe. I if I get bored of playing with my new phone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gone Fishin'

After school on Tuesday, we took the girls fishing. Actually, Jill had gone on Sunday and Monday, as well. But I showed up with a camera on Tuesday. So let's start there.

The girls prepared for fishing, by dressing like they were heading out to the Kentucky Derby. Because everyone knows you need an Easter hat, your little sister's skirt, and Hannah Montana purse to fish. Although, Jill did explain that this was a "tactic." The boy fish will find her pretty and come close. The girl fish will come to ask her where she got her shoes. Oh Lord, please help me. She is only eight.

Emmi was completely enamored of the whole process. Read: Could not give a crap, spent most of the time posing for pictures.

But then Jill discovered the bait. Minnows. Little Fish. And Jill had never held a fish, and apparently this is something I have been depriving of her "her whole life."

Both kids did eventually cast a few lines, but tired quickly of having to sit still. Imagine. Sitting still and being quiet. So they passed off the pole to Kenny, who immediately caught a fish. A fish that was obviously dying to be petted.

While the kids, spent the rest of their time digging in the sand and chasing a stray cat, I tried my hand at fishing.

I am a rockstar fisherman. Woman. Whatever. I caught a fish on my first try. Let's just not talk about how I gagged at the sight of a minnow on a hook and I ran squealing when the fish started flopping around.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The post will lots of pictures of my messy house.

I promised pictures of the new house, I know. But our house still looks a lot like this.

And this.

But don't worry. Even though I haven't finished unpacking, I did manage to find time to ROYGBIV my closet. Although, I still haven't gotten them back into sleeve length order or ironed all the clothes that are hanging in there. I know. The shame.

We are settling in despite not quite being unpacked. There are things I really love so far about this house.

Like this little craft and computer area for the kids.

And the kitchen. Although this kitchen is on our to-do list. The black appliances will be gone oh-so-shortly. Actually the new appliances are sitting in the garage. But we still have boxes everywhere, like we have had time to put in a new oven.

And that I can see the TV from the kitchen. I suddenly like cooking so much more.

And I love that we have doors to our office that is way at the front of the house. I can actually talk to clients on the phone after the kids get off of school.

And how our dining room table is no longer the drop off spot for bills and backpacks and such. Although, you wouldn't know that now with a stapler and paint samples all over it. But for real. It is clear of junk almost all of the time!

And the kids' bathroom actually has drawers. The bathroom itself is smaller, but it is more functional. Plus, we have a third bathroom and upstairs attached to another bedroom. I am sure when Jill gets a bit older, she will move up there.

On my to-do list for today is buying the paint for the girls' rooms, the dining room, and the living room. The plain beige walls are driving me insane. I have great, big grand plans for the kids' rooms.
After pictures coming soon.
Don't hold your breath. Soon = sometime in the next year.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Where the hell are my pants?

    Basically, a lot has happened in the past week. So much that my poor head can't hardly make logical sentences, let alone a full blog post. Behold, bullet points. A side note, I used to love making outlines in school. Love. Why don't I ever use outlines and bullet points here? Hmm? Moving on.

    • Obviously we moved. I took pictures of our empty, old house, planned a whole blog post about all of our happy memories, then promptly put the camera somewhere and have yet to find it.
    • Most of the house is unpacked. If most means, not the upstairs, all the random shit still in the garage, half of the kids rooms, the missing box that contains my checkbooks and my good jeans.
    • I did not realize how much traffic and massive amounts of people everywhere put me in a bad mood. Everyone kept telling me how much I would hate having to drive far to the grocery store, Target, Starbucks (two towns away, y'all). Except? I don't mind, because there is never any traffic!
    • I think I love the guards at the gate. They smile at me. They wave. Yes, they are paid to do such. But it makes me feel special. It doesn't take much, obviously. My old neighborhood gate? Nothing. Generally, the damn thing would not even open for me, let alone smile and wave.
    • My dog is freaking the fuck out. One of the them is all, "WHOA! Check out the huge backyard! Look! A squirrel!" The other is hiding in the laundry room, under the desk. She won't come out, except to eat. I bought them bones to lure Macy out of the laundry room. They are currently growling at each other over one, while the other bone sits untouched. My children do the same thing. Not with bones, though.

    Now, I need to go find those jeans...