Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Honeymoon, Day 1

I figure it took us seven days to travel around Jamaica, it should take me about that long to blog about it. Or at least download all of the photos.

The first day was really just half day. The only thing worth mention was meeting another honeymooning couple, Emily and Michael. Love them. Love. After that, we went to bed before nine. By the next day, we were up and ready to go early. Six am early. On the beach by 7:30.

The bar opened at 10am. The rum punches were nice to us. Very nice. As was the fresh snapper cooked right on the beach. And that tuna melt that was unlike any other tuna melt I have every had. You know, other than the twelve or sixteen I ate while I was there. We spent the day camped out on the beach, listening to music, eating all we could eat, hanging out with friends, and taking a spontaneous snorkeling trip.

Unfortunately, the bar did not come with us on the boat, which meant a two hour lack of rum punch. And Red Stripe. But have no fear. Our captain, Lucky, took care of us. He found us a bucket of beer.

We passed around the bucket of beer bottle of "Wata" as we made our way out to the reef for the best snorkeling I have ever done. Although probably not the best snorkeling to be had. Just better than Mexico where we generally see nothing. This time there were eels, starfish, plants, crazy reef, and tons of fish.

Our snorkeling was cut short by a storm, complete with lightening. One a rickety boat. On water. Although Lucky ensures me that is how he got his name. By never being struck by lightening? He must have been telling the truth, because we made it back safe.

The storm had soon passed, and we made our way over to the pool bar. We had been previously warned about those bartenders and that flaming drink they had. But rum punches and a bucket of beer made Kenny think trying it would be a good idea.

His name is not really Austria. We just called him that. Because he lives in Austria. Obviously.

*I am told this is when the bar walking happened. I sort of believe this from the camera angle. And the wet footprints on the bar.


Allison Talamantez said...

How do you do that to your pictures.....HELP!!!!

I am Trish Marie said...

I used Picnik this time. Just go to I used the text feature and the Doodle feature. I also have my own program for editing. I have been using MGI Photosuite, but it is not very user friendly.

ZDub said...

LMAO! I love this!

Kenny is so cute and looks wasted! How fun, I want to go on vacation with you.

Allie said...

That looks like so much fun, I can't wait for the other days. Now I want to get drunk and lay on a beach somewhere.

I am Trish Marie said...

Um...apparently I was "Drinnking" when I made this, as I can't spell.