Sunday, October 19, 2008

So not my fault.

I haven't slept through the night since approximately June. With the exception of one or two days here and there when the girls have visited my parents. It's those damn headaches Jill has. I am running on empty, and there is only so much coffee I can take before my body starts convulsing. Then last week, a lightening storm killed the computer that held Kenny's landscaping program.

You know, the program with the whole entire client list, all of the invoicing, the mowing schedule, even the employee contact information. Oh shit, I just realized all the work I put in straightening out what was taxable and what was not is all lost, too. Fucking grand. Anyway, I spent hours setting that system up. Hours. And now, I spending hours trying to recreate it from a haphazard set of mowing lists we collected from the trucks. Billing is going to be a nightmare, even though I wrote out the instructions (even highlighted them) saying to make copies of all of the invoices. Somebody didn't listen to me. That same somebody prefers to say it was my fault for not backing up the system for over a month. Whatever, I am still blaming him.

And backing up the system as we speak.


Not a Granny said...

Of course it is his fault. It's always the man's fault! LOL

I am Trish Marie said...

So what if I could have done some things differently, let's only focus on what he did wrong. I mean, yes, technically a backup file would have been the easiest thing. But if I had the paper trail, I could have pieced it all back together. Yes, it would have taken hours, as opposed to say opening a file, but again, let's only focus on what he forgot to do. That is what I choose to do. And talk in circles while I do it, so as to confuse him into thinking it really might be his fault.