Monday, April 6, 2009

An 80th birthday party, a kid with a stick, and a haircut.

Kenny's grandma, otherwise known as Mimi, turned 80 on Saturday. We celebrated with a party and a pinata.

After four guys made fifteen attempts to hang the pinata, Mimi too the first whack.

She then turned over the bat to the kiddies, who got busy attacking in order to quickly reach the candy. You know, cause they didn't already have enough candy from the Easter Egg hunt they just had. Jill was thrilled with the amount of candy she got.

All sugared up, the girls spent hours running races across the golf course. Not to be outdone by the "fun Uncle Todd who runs races" with Jill, Uncle Steve thought it a good idea to give Emmi a stick. And you know, if you give a kid a stick... better watch your ass.

You'll notice how I wasn't in any of those pictures. Yeah, well, that's 'cause afterwards I realized how bad my hair looked in all the pictures. So I got haircut first thing this morning. And then learned how to use the self timer on my camera. Don't I look amazingly calm, like I had been just hanging out there on the stairs, instead of running wildly across the room as my camera angrily beeped out a warning to me?


Sheri said...

LMAO a the stick and LOVIN' the hair!!!!

Aimee' said...

your hair looks fab!

zakary said...

Your hair looks fab! You are so pretty!

That looks like a fun party, Mimi has got it going on!

Leah J. said...

That is one FUN 80th birthday party! I love your hair cut! I HAVE to get my hair done soon. It's ridiculous ... so tough to make it to the hairdresser with a 16 month old. Love the Emmi and Jill pics!

I am Trish Marie said...

It is only because both girls are finally in school that I get my hair done with any regularity....although by "regularity" I mean every six months. Gone are the days of every six weeks!