Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Quality Verification Practices

I met Kenny for lunch today. He is in the middle of a massive landscaping project, and mostly I just wanted to go poke my nose in his business. Eww. Stop. Not like that. I just wanted to check things out, and see how they were going. I spend everyday preparing the proposals and sending the bills, but I never actually watch the projects. So that I did, under the pretense that I was meeting Kenny for lunch. Afterward, he had to run in Lowe's, so I was forced to tag along.

After selecting the perfect pick axe, we stood in the line of a disgruntled looking employee. Kenny handed over his Lowe's business card, and she proceeded to read it studiously.

"ID," she says, holding out her hand.

I was not sure exactly what she was going to verify on his ID. The card clearly reads "Kenny'sRealEstateCompany" Obviously, it doesn't actually say exactly that. But the business is registered to him and our home address. I am not telling the internets were I live. His ID? Probably doesn't have that name on there anywhere. Last I checked, it didn't say "Kenny RealEstateCompany Height 6' 2" Eye Color Blue." His ID is probably not going to verify much of anything. But what do I know?

She looks over his ID. She looks back at the card. She looks up at Kenny, who is wearing a shirt with the Kenny'sLandscapingCompany logo on the front. She glares at the logo, and looks back down at the card.

Great. Now we are in trouble. His shirt does not match the card.

She waves the card at him, "Are you authorized to use this card, young man?"

Through gritted teeth Kenny explains, "It is my company, so yes I am authorized to use it."

And with that, she grins, swipes the card, and Kenny has purchased a pick axe. Quality. Quality verification practices.

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Mrs. Toro said...

Wow! My dad owns an automotive repair shop and when I was in high school I "worked" (use that term very lightly b/c he used to send me home b/c i talked too much and he'd promise to pay me for a full day) for him and I would run various errands (getting your nails done is an errand btw) and everytime I used his business card for auto parts they would ask to see my license...never understood that.