Friday, May 1, 2009

I have on my grumpy pants.

I get that the swine flu thing is a serious situation, but I am so over hearing about. Maybe because it is always something. First there was the bird flu which was supposed to kill us all, then there have been salmonella outbreaks. Which for the record, I personally tallied up one of those numbers after contracting it in Mexico. It was super fun filling out the CDC paperwork, and having several blood tests. Now this. It is just always something. Sure, we should be informed. Sure, we should be taking precautions. But my goodness, talk about something, anything, else for just one second.

Or maybe I am just being pissy, because my trip to Mexico is ruined.

PS The spell checker informs me that "pissy" is not spelled correctly, but I can replace it with "pussy."


Catherine said...

i had to check you blog for a swine flu thought. i knew youd have one. did you hear yeager elem is closed until MAY 18TH? WTF!?!?!?! i personally dont get it but they sure have everyone in a fuss!

I am Trish Marie said...

If they close my kids' schools for two weeks, I am going to scream. It is thiiiissss close to summer.... they can't be home right now.

I also like how the articles that report that this is much less intense than originally thought are never highlighted on yahoo or any news outlet. You have to search to find them. It's like they want you to fear the worst, even though it looks like that won't be neccessary.

Mrs. Toro said...

I was scared...I won't lie...but I was like 'oh hell no, they better not close the schools here.' hahaha I'm over my fear...and want it to all go away..just like the bird flu and west nile...i actually know someone who got west nile and almost died.

Kristina said...

I am over it, too! The university about 2 miles from my house has 10 reported cases. They interviewed a couple of the kids on the news and they said "I had a sore throat and a fever that lasted a day, but I feel fine now." I'm sure they are out partying while the school closes. What I want to know is if the gov't doesn't want us to be too worried about it, why do they keep giving it so much air time??? Apparently 35,000 people died of the regular flu last year and from what I heard 129 people from this swine flu. Seems a bit crazy to go into a tailspin on this so soon.

I am Trish Marie said...

By the way, after consulting our doctor (see, sometimes I am responsible) we have decided to go on our trip. He thinks we just need to be smart. It will probably be the best trip. Very few crowds and such!