Friday, June 12, 2009

And the award for best dressed goes to...

Emmi's "dental surgery" was today. I use the term "dental surgery" loosely. Really, she had four cavities filled, but required general anesthesia. A whole lot of hassle and stress for a whole lot of nothing. And another day spent in Texas Children's waiting room.

The night before I carefully ironed some stretch cotton pants for Emmi and a matching tank top. I found her cotton shrug and set it out to bring, as it always cold in the hospital. For myself I picked jeans, a flowing green tank top, a light summer sweater, and leather flip flops. As we entered the waiting room, I quickly discovered I was under dressed. Because everyone knows you should wear strappy high heels, a strapless tight black dress with no bra, and big dangly earrings to your kid's day surgery. I sat down next to the mom, who obviously got the what-to-wear-to-day-surgery look right, and felt ashamed of myself in my jeans.

Not only did she clearly have a better handle on the whole getting one's self dressed thing, but she clearly knew just what everyone in the waiting room wanted to hear her talk about. Loudly.

"And he was so excited to go get his baby mama. You should have seen how happy he was to finally get his baby mama that day. And he only had her for two hours ,and then he got arrested. He knew he had that warrant, but he had just got his baby mama. It just not fair."

Clearly, it wasn't fair. I mean, who gives a crap that he (whomever he was) had obviously committed a crime. HE HAD JUST GOT (from where I never did figure really was rude of her to share such a good story and leave out such an important detail) HIS BABY MAMA. Leave a man alone with his baby mama for a minute. You can arrest him later, you know?

I was really sad when the nurse came to bring us back to Emmi. I was just building up the courage to ask Best Dressed Mama for her number. Obviously, I could use some pointers on my social skills, and I was sure she was just the person to help me.


Mrs. Toro said...

Duh, you didn't know there was a "Dress code" for the waiting room? I love when I see girls at school wearing the same type of outfits...seriously, we sit in a classroom for 3 hours at a time...a mini skirt and high heels are not necessary! Neither are your fat rolls hanging over your mini skirt! I think you win the Best Mom award for ironing your daughters cotton pants thought. ;) I honestly can't tell you the last time I ironed...oh wait, yes I can...I tried to be the good wife and iron my husbands uniform shirts...even starched them...I proudly hung them in the closet...only to find them a few days later in a plastic bag from the cleaners...obviously my ironing skills suck. =)

I am Trish Marie said...

Totally my mother's fault. She irons t-shirts! Yes, Mom, I am making fun a bit. However, I can't help it, now I iron t-shirts and cotton shorts and such!

Aimee' said...

I'll have to remember that next time we hang out...make sure our clothes are ironed!