Saturday, October 1, 2011

I think I am back. But I may forget to write again for another year.

Hello, Old Friend. I mean this blog. Not you. I wouldn't call you old. To your face.

Where does one pick up after writing twice in the past year? Do bullet points work as an update on everything that has happened? I think so.

In no particular order, Dec 2010 through now.

  • Moved. Same neighborhood. Different house. And it has a craft/sewing room that is all mine. I like to hide in there.

  • Ran a bunch of races. Running my second Half Marathon in three weeks. Running 10 for Texas in one week.

  • Went back to college. Already changed my major once. Contemplating changing my minor again. Turns out I love Accounting. The numbers line up in such pretty little rows.

  • We bought another landscaping company.

  • Jill is no longer in elementary school. I swear she just started Kindergarten.

  • A bunch of other random crap. I can't really remember it, so that means you really won't give a shit about it either.

The End.


Kristina said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you've been busy. Good luck on the run! My husband has been running for a few years now and swears by it.

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