Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Let me try to explain the state of the computers in our house. Handicapped. That is the best description. We have no less than four laptops. All four have some issue. One, we have no clue what happened to it. It just won't turn on. And, really, it was old. It needed to die. Then I have one kick ass laptop that unfortunately won't stay on simply because someone, let's call her Emmi, tripped over the power cord, breaking the pin. I have had it fixed, to the tune of $378, twice. It keeps breaking. We gave up and bought another used laptop. It worked for awhile. Until I tripped over the power cord making it to where you have to tuck the cord just so under the computer, stand on one foot, type only with your left hand, all while singing the alphabet backwards to make it work. Lesson learned. Quit leaving the damn things on the coffee table. And finally, my work provided me with a new computer less than a year ago. A month ago, we switched anti-virus software. Great move, apparently, cause my computer got a virus almost immediately. So I sent my computer off to be worked on.

I got it back last night. I was excited. I couldn't wait to turn it on. To see it up and running again.

Except it still isn't working. My whole hard drive wiped out and reloaded. And? The stupid thing still doesn't work.

To top it off. The idiot who worked on my computer to whom I sent no less than twelve emails all signed with my full name, SPELLED MY NAME WRONG all over my computer. "Welcome Trisha," my computer greets me. That's fantastic. Who is this Trisha? Last I checked, my name is Tricia.


Sheri said...

OMG! What a pain in the ass!

Yes, I am down one laptop right now, too, because the damn pin is broken. What that cost for one or two repairs? If it is one repair, I am screwed. Really, I am screwed no matter what. That is a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Get a iMac like me! I have the desk top one though, I wanted all the memory I could get! But I want a lab top for when I go back to school.

I am Trish Marie said...

Sheri, that is PER REPAIR. That is why I ended up buying the used laptop. I went it one day to get it fixed, and there was a used laptop for $400.

I hear I should have a mac with all of the graphic design I do, but unfortunately it would cost me thousands to replace all of the programs I have!