Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Hurricane

Things I would do anything for:
1. ICE
2. Some gas
3. A real meal. One that does not come from a can. Preferably Chinese food.

AND SOME STARBUCKS. I forgot that.

I know we are doing good to have electricity. And we finally have water, but it is gross. The lines at one of the few gas stations that are open are looooooooong. Good luck finding bread or ice anywhere over here, and you can't waste your precious gas looking for anything.

I am just tired of this hurricane stuff already. I can't even imagine how those poor people in Clear Lake, Galveston, Port Arthur, etc feel. Speaking of Port Arthur, that is where my family is from.... it was hit hard. My uncle, aunt, cousins, and grandmother will all be effected for awhile.

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