Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The week out of school for Hurricane Ike was not a lot of fun. There wasn't much to do with the kids beyond listen to them complain about all of the places we couldn't go that didn't have electricity. I was itching for school to start again. I mean all those years I waited to have both of my kids in full day school, then after three weeks of school Ike comes along, and *BAM* no school. And they kept extending the return day. First it was last Wednesday. Then Friday. Then Monday. Then finally, Tuesday. Us moms at the bus stop, we were giddy Tuesday morning.

And? Tuesday was just about the best day ever. My computer still wasn't back, so I still had some free time. After taking Emmi to therapy and dropping her off at school, I spent the morning and most of the afternoon with my friend, Stacy, and her new baby. I love babies....when I can give them back to their mommies after I am done snuggling them. I was in a great mood when the girls came home from school. The girls were in a good mood. Emmi loves school. Jill did great in gymnastics last night, making another new skill. She ran out of class to be scooped into a hug, rubbing her left eye.

"What's wrong with your eye?" She shrugged in reply.

Then. This morning. As I was daydreaming about another glorious day with the kids off at school, Jill walks into the kitchen. For the first time today, I see her in the light. And? Her eye is red. Really red. Pink eye.

NOOOOOOOOOO........ Really. She couldn't get pink eye when she was at home all week last week already?!

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Allie Bear said...

Pink eye sucks, we got it once, Nicholas, Sophia and me. Not fun!