Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And so the debate begins.

Since the first trip Kenny and I took together, we have talked about going to Mexico to get married. We have been to Playa del Carmen three times in the past three years. We have also gone to the other side, staying in Nuevo Vallarta. We like both sides for different reasons, but it was Playa that we focused on for a wedding. So it was the plan for a long while, until I started to really think it out.

It started to seem impossible. We would be travelling with two young kids. How would I get my dress there unharmed? Would the girls have to stay in our room the night we got married? How many people would really come? All these little doubts popped up, so I started considering a wedding here.

We have a location in mind, as Kenny's stepmom's friend own a plantation nearby. But? Are we the plantation type? Do we really want a traditional wedding? I know Kenny really doesn't, so he would just be doing it for me (which, if you know Kenny, he would do without so much as a complaint and with a smile on his face).

The thing is, as everyone has so graciously pointed out, I have already had a wedding (even though it wasn't at all what I had imagined growing up, just what was necessary at the time). He hasn't. I feel like I should give him what he wants despite the doubts I have, even though I desperately want to get the wedding thing right this time.

At this point, the JP is looking mighty nice.


Allison said...

I think you two should do EXACTLY what you want....why don't you take a babysitter to Mexico to watch the girls the majority of the time...you can tend the dress and focus on your big day. Then, throw a HUGE party in Houston! Congratulations again!

zakary said...

Weddings are a nightmare. It's when you start getting other people (your family and their opinions) involved that it gets even worse.

Go to Vegas and ditch the kids. That's what we would have done if I wasn't knocked up at the time.

Anonymous said...

But your parents would go right? Couldn't they watch the kids for at least the wedding night?

Not a Granny said...

Do what both you and Kenny want to do. Allison's idea about bringing a baby sitter is an excellent one. The dress now, with the way airlines are charging extra for everything could be a problem.

What about a wedding bikini? Less packing space? :)

~Holly~ said...

I would do whatever feels right for you! AND I know a fabulous wedding planner!!! :)

Linda said...

Of course we would babysit the girls the night of the wedding! I'm not exactly like my mother, who used to put your father and me in twin beds when we came to visit after our marriage. I'm surprised it wasn't separate rooms, though!

Give yourself some time to think about it and the right answer will come to you. Have exactly the wedding you want, with the normal compromises that of course are always necessary, whether or not you've been previously married. This marriage will last a long time and you want to remember that moment as being glorious. If the details of an away wedding will drive you crazy, then you should choose something else and save the "away" for the honeymoon.


Catherine said...

Hey...looks like you got a lot of great advise. Do what you want and TRY to enjoy every second of it(planning and all)!!! Let your close friends and family help with the details and the kids. Who cares if this is wedding #2..this is forever right? You deserve a great day and great beautiful memories!

Sheri said...

Well, you know I will do my best to make it anywhere it is. I can't wait!