Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season.

Even though I washed my arms up passed my elbows, used two full containers of Mr. Clean wipes (yes, Tiff, the Febreeze jealous), and diligently washed every article of clothing or blanket that every sick person in our house touched, I still managed to catch the stomach bug that Jill, Kenny, and Emmi passed around. That, of course, meant I spent the last week before the girls were out of school with someone home sick or myself puking. All that planning ahead, and I ended up shopping on the Sunday before Christmas still recovering, barely able to stand up. I am finally done Christmas shopping, though. The parties are behind us. The making of nine thousand gifts and all of the other Christmas related hoop-la done. I can finally settle in and enjoy the season.

You know, all three days that are left.

I do this every year. I over schedule, over plan, and overwhelm myself so completely that I don't even think to enjoy Christmas until Christmas is over. This is why I like Halloween. No pressure. I actually thought I had it all under control this year after I got a little out of control with the present shopping. I made a spreadsheet for the gift list this year. I noted stores and dollar amounts, and carefully calculated who would get what. But then there were the teacher gifts (handmade aprons for all SEVEN teachers).

Two of the seven aprons

And holiday parties (reindeer t-shirts and gift bags and a gingerbread house and such).

Emmi and I making her reindeer shirt at her class party.

But I am done. And now I am going to slow down, read some Christmas stories to my kids, look at Christmas lights in Preston Wood, and sip hot cocoa (when I start eating again!). You know, after that test Emmi has at Texas Children's on Tuesday and all of the present wrapping I still have to do.....


amy said...

Those aprons are PRECIOUS! I am impressed!

Allison said...

How stinkin' cute! I actually asked for an apron this year! I LOVE THEM!!! Merry Christmas to you all!

Allie said...

Good job on the aprons, they are adorable.

I still haven't wrapped a single present, I suck! Maybe I'll get around to doing it tonight. The good thing is that we don't have many presents because our family gift this year was the puppy so all I have to do is my parent's gift, my nephew's and the ones from santa.