Thursday, December 11, 2008


Dear Snow,

Look, it is great that you decided to grace Houston with your presence this year, even if you didn't stick to the ground. We all feel all nice and Christmas-y now. But, dude. Some warning next time.

See three days ago, my kids wore shorts to school. The high temperature was 78. And it was muggy. The *BAM* we wake up, and it is 30 degrees outside. I took one look at the clouds, and proclaimed, "Those there clouds look like snow clouds," in my best Texas accent. Or maybe I should say, East Texas accent. Like I know what snow clouds look like. I was joking. It was just freakin' cold. Then, I kid you not, three minutes later it started snowing, and all hell broke loose.

The kids came bouncing off the school bus. All except Jill. She looked at the others like they were crazy. Snow? This shit wasn't snow. She'll take their asses to Kansas with her for Christmas for some real snow. But snow it was, and it was good enough for those poor snow deprived kids. For hours they screamed, caught snowflakes on their tongues, used their mittens for the only time this year, and otherwise neglected their homework. Perhaps, next time, show up on a Saturday.

Aside from that, I do have to thank you, Snow. It was really fun to watch Emmi enjoy her first snow. Even if it only lasted for an hour and never stuck to the ground.

The really cold lady who lives in Texas so she doesn't have to deal with cold weather


Linda said...

Laura said Vincent even managed to pack together a snowball to throw at Ted. Here in Bastrop, we went from 81 degrees at about noon to a mixture of sleet and snow by bedtime that night.

I would have liked to have seen the girls as well as Laura's children enjoying it. Instead, I was here with the dogs going crazy with that strange rattling noise outside as the sleet was falling. J.R. was trying to simultaneously hide behind the curtains and look out them to see what was happening and Chance was trotting around trying to figure out how to protect us all from whatever it was out there attacking us.

Allie said...

LOL, I'm jealous, it didn't even snow here it was just cold as in the 20s.

Dave said...

I wont bore you with the weather details up here north of the 49th. Trust me, we have had snow on the ground for a month, and cold cold fu##@@@# cold!!

I am Trish Marie said...

I don't envy you and your snow covered ground!