Monday, December 22, 2008

Coal in her stocking.

I think next year for Christmas, I am getting my kids nothing they have asked for and everything they didn't ask for. Jill is so confident that she is getting that Nintendo DS she wanted that she has been telling everyone that is what she got for Christmas. When they ask how she knows, she simply says, "Because I asked for it."

Little brat.

Next year, I am getting her a Spiderman doll. Or coal.

At least Emmi will be surprised. This Christmas thing really has her stumped.

"It's my Happy Birthday?" No, Emmi. No, it is not.

"I get present?" Uh. Yes. Santa? Chimney? Sack of toys? Any of this ringing a bell?

A look of understanding will finally cross her face at which point she will make antlers out of her hands, and shout, "REINDEER," upon hearing the words "Santa" and "bell" used in the same sentence.


zakary said...

I'm glad you are back! I know what you mean about that stomach flu, it was nasty! Jeff somehow escaped it.

Zoe is really bad when it comes to Christmas. We were shopping yesterday and she saw a Barbie that she asked for (and is getting) and threw a FIT for it. I couldn't even explain to her that Christmas is in FOUR days and she might get it from Santa. I was so embarrassed in the store.

And I love those aprons you made! They came out so cute! You should post how you made them and how long it took you. I know you have plenty of free time to do that...:)

Malskey said...

Oh you poor thing... Maybe she is just trying to use "The Secret??" LOL... Glad you are back to blogging for awhile.. It seems like you are just a little lessed stressed. ;)

I am Trish Marie said...

A LITTLE stressed? Girl, that might officially be the biggest understatement of the year! I mean, I constantly live in a state of uptightness that is totally uneccessary, then add on all the holiday shit with all the Emmi crap and you arrive at Crazy Tricia.