Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm a winner. And I won a prize.

A little while back, I posted about supporting Seth in his journey to get cochlear implants by participating in the Profound Pictures Prize Package. For obvious reasons (okay, for those of you who missed it, my kid has cochlear implants!), I thought this was an awesome cause. While CI's are not for everyone, they certainly have improved my daughter's quality of life. So supporting Seth and his family was something I wanted to do.

I didn't win the big grand prize, which really was fine. Kenny, his mom, and my parents all chipped in and bought me a camera for my birthday, anyway! So somebody else really deserved that one. However, I did win a blog makeover, which rocks because I have been bored of my blog lately and too tired to fiddle with it.



Aimee' said...

that's so awesome!! seth is such a little cutie and i hope his CI's help him as much as they help your little Emmi

Allison said...

Hey, and P.S. how do you manipulate your settings so that you can not open pictures to full size? HELP...I know you are the computer whiz!