Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Creepy Barbie, The Second

For days I have been racking my brain trying to come up with some good gifts for Emmi for her birthday. "Just ask her," you might think. Well, I did. Her answer? "Mmmm.. a strawberry cake and a present." When I asked her what should be in the present, she replied, "A BOX!" Oh obviously. So I set about trying to come up with something a five year old who already owns just about every toy (and doesn't play with them) might want. Books? Clothes? Finally, while cleaning the game room, it hit me. Or more or less it tripped me, as I fell over the dismembered leg of Big Creepy Barbie.

We need a new Big Creepy Barbie.

Barbie's leg fell off about two days after she moved in with us. It can't be repaired, and I didn't have a gift receipt to return it. So Big Creepy Barbie became even creepier and she was dubbed Big Creepy Barbie With One Leg. Yet, still, the girls play with her every day. She is, afterall, the perfect flyer for their cheerleading squad. And? She never bitches when they forget to catch her as she performs her full down.

So when my parent's asked what they should get Emmi, I told my mom "Big Creepy Barbie." And when she sent my dad off to the store to locate such, she told him to get "Big Creepy Barbie."

It really is a shame that before asking a sales clerk to help him locate said toy, he asked my mom for clarification. I really would have enjoyed knowing that he asked where he could find a "Big Creepy Barbie."


Anonymous said...

That thing IS creepy! I'm glad I have boys!!!

Linda said...

So funny. Your dad, who I assumed, after all these years knew the whole history of "Big Creepy Barbie," thought that was really the name of the doll. I wish I'd just let him ask for it, but somehow I think he probably never would have forgiven me. Maybe others thought that Barbie was creepy, too, though, because it's nowhere to be found!


I am Trish Marie said...

Even better, Mom, was later trying to explain to him that it was, in fact, actually a Barbie. Just not a "Big Creepy Barbie."

Although, I hear we are now the proud owners of a HUGE horse.

Sheri said...

LMAO-- your dad is a riot!

Aimee' said...

I think that Barbie is my size...that is super creepy. My girls want nothing to do with Barbie and that makes me smile. =)