Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old Ladies

When you get old, I mean old like lived with the dinosaurs old, I think there are certain things that society owes you. For instance, we should help you open doors and perhaps even load the groceries into the car. We should even excuse the creepy things you do like watch my little kid get on the bus every morning, because that wave you give her in the morning is probably the closest thing you have to social interaction all day. But just because you and Dino used to be good buddies and you have walked to school in the snow, uphill, and your first car was a horse drawn buggy, does not give you the right to be a grumpy, bitter, old grouch.

One would think in all of your years you would have learned that being a bitch gets you no where in life, and saying "excuse me" before you plow into me while I patiently waiting for my goodies to be sacked at the store might be something you would have learned to do. But obviously not. So forgive me when I spent ten whole minutes "looking" for my keys, just so I could avoid getting the door for you.


Aimee' said...

lol i agree!

Allie said...

I tell people all the time, just shoot me if I turn into that bitchy old lady that makes mean faces at everyone and grumbles all the time.

Word verification, Trish? Really? You know I hate that shit and I know that you live your life to appease me.

I am Trish Marie said...

Uhhh..there is a wv??? Since when? I'll get that shit off right now.