Friday, March 6, 2009

Is it time to panic yet?

Things left to do for Emmi's party before the girls get home from school today.

1. Purchase ice cream cups.
2. Get balloons.
3. Buy (cheap!) markers and crayons for the kids to use for the banner.
4. Buy Emmi's birthday present.

Amount of time left to do it.
17 minutes.



Aimee' said...

If you pull this off...please let me...because I will personally send you the $ to treat yourself to some Starbucks and cupcakes! lol Not that I'm doubting your skills or anything...I just know what it's like...

Sheri said...

Is that why you couldn't take Jill to didn't make it?

Marci said...

OMG--what a freakin' riot you are with your f word and all! Fun to find your blog thru delightful it!

Allison said...

How did it go!?!?!

I am Trish Marie said...

I managed to get everything done. Sort of. We are still waiting on the ice cream. The party was yesterday by the way.