Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Day in Pictures....and Some Words.

Emmi used to carry around a toy dino. She lost it about six months ago. She moved on to another toy. Thanks to a certain bed wetting incident, we moved Jill's bed. There was Dino! But I forgot just how naughty Dino was. I caught Dino swimming in my cup right after breakfast. Emmi did put Dino in timeout. Then I found Dino jumping off the staircase. Again, timeout. Later, Dino was tormenting Veda the Beta. Naughty Dino. Leave the damn fish alone.
The girls stayed up late to play with Mimi/Nana (Kenny's mom. They each call her a different name!) while we shopped for new furniture for Jill's room. Emmi was exhausted when we got home, but Jill was craving a little Kenny time. He had barely been home ten minutes before we left to shop. They read some books together.
And played Barbies,
before we tucked her in for the night.


David said...

Those dino's are trouble I tell ya!

That Chick Over There said...

The dinosaur cracked me up so bad!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, his leg totally creeped me out for a second! I'm a little out of it, I need my coffee.

Allie Bear said...

Am I the only one that got the third leg pic? Fucking hilarious, Kenny!

You guys crack me up.

zakary said...

Kenny's hot.

I am Trish Marie said...

My God...thank you for seeing the third leg! Jill had it at first. She said, "Hey look at my third leg!" Then she touched me with it. Kenny and I laughed so hard. She didn't get why it was so funny.

And, thanks. I think he's hot. Especially with the third leg.

SGM said...

That dino needs a spanking!

Totally cracked up on the third leg. Sexy!