Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shake your what?

For some people I am talking to you MODG a lot of thought goes into whether or not they want to be a parent, have the responsibility of a child, and if they are ready to make that shift in their lives. I am sure a lot factors into this decision. Financial security. Relationship stability. So on. But I do wonder, do any of these people, prior to making this momentous decision ever sit themselves down and subject themselves to an hour of children's programming? If so, I think we might have a lot less babies around here.

My least favorite or favorite depending on my mood episode of Mickey Mouse playhouse came on this morning. There is just something inherently wrong with a half dressed, hip waggling duck with a lisp singing, "Shake your peanuts." Go ahead. You sing that with a lisp. While shaking your hips. Tell me you do not think what I think, especially with an elephant trunk dangling from a tree in the background.

And don't even get me started about the Imagination Movers. I will admit, they scare me a lot less than The Wiggles God even saying "The Wiggles" gets that damn fruit salad song stuck in my head and those Doodlebops. Four grown men singing to little children. Has anyone run a background check on these clowns?

One hour of this shit, and it is no wonder I seriously consider running away everyday by 8am.

Well that, and the fact that my children are generally engaged in some argument along the lines of "She touched me" "No! My hand is just near her!" by that point in time.


amy said...

ha ha! And Yo Gabba Gabba?.... seriously on drugs, those creators. There are some strange shows out there!

Allison Talamantez said...

he, he, he. Thanks for starting my morning with a laugh.

Allie said...

Yeah, I want to stab every member of The Fresh Beat Band! I can't wait till my kids are 18.

Clemson Girl said...

I'm not a fan of most kiddie shows on nowadays but I have to say Dora the Explorer saved my life! If not for that show I'd still be dealing with a screaming niece.

Sheri said...

HAHAHA! Yeah, Yo Gabba Gabba get my vote for f'ed up shit that I secretly love. :P "There's a party in my tummy...".

I am Trish Marie said...

Sheri, even my kids look at Yo Gabba Gabba like that shit is insane.