Friday, December 25, 2009

Box 'o poo

After we Christmased it up this morning Kenny was smart, he gave me cash with instructions that I could only spend it on clothes and shoes, we piled into the car for our trip to the big city (IE a town that has Starbucks). A few blocks from Kenny's grandmother's, I spotted a marquee outside of the area pet groomer.

(Here is where I should have a picture, but I forgot to go back and take one.)

Holiday Puppies
Maltesnickerdoodle (or something similar)

"What the fuck is with the designer dogs? Those idiots know they are paying $1500 for a breeder's nightmare, right? That shit is a mutt."

"Hey, Kenny, I once had part lab, part shar pei. Want to know what we called him?"


"Hell no. I paid $60 whole dollars for him at the SPCA. AND that was a Sharpador! Can you believe I got a Sharpador for $60. A steal if you ask me."

"If we mix our boxers with a cocker spaniel, do we get a cockbox?"

"You might, but I am pretty damn sure if we mix our boxers with a poodle with get a boxepoo."

"Which if you think about it, is essentially what all of those designer dogs are."

(That's pronounced box 'o poo, if it helps.)


Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I am so anti breeder dogs. There are so many homeless dogs out there!

His Girl not anymore said...

I met the coolest person over the holidays and it reminded me of you and your little daughter. She is 48, was born deaf and has had audio training since birth, recently had a L cochlear implant about 2 months ago. Her speech was amazing.

Kristina said...

Glad I'm not the only one thinking those designer dogs are mutts! But, on full disclosure, we do have a black lab that I got from a breeder after bombarding all the SPCA and humane societies in our area for a lab and none to be found!

Oh, and for the remote assistant with the new CI - it's sometimes useful, sometimes a pain in the @$$! But the size of the new CIs make it easier to keep on her head, which is a definite bonus! I can't tell you how much time each day I fuss with the CIs.....really, it would depress me if I tallied it up!

I am Trish Marie said...

Kristina, I should probably add that I do own two full-blood boxers. One bought off the side of the road (although with papers!), the other from a breeder. But I have also owned just as many SPCA pets. Just not currently.

I don't even want to talk about how often I adjust, change batteries, put earmolds on, clean earmolds, change cables, etc in a day!!!