Sunday, January 17, 2010

How I spent my Sunday.

So we have etsablished that I have not had the best of luck finding a new hair dresser. But my bargain hunting skills? They rock.

Guess Jeans. $12.48

Grey Suede Boots. Half-off.
The website claims them to be $40 more than I found them at the store.

Guess Bag. 25% off. Plus, the sales lady just liked me and gave me an additional 15% off. I smile sweetly sometimes.

And I am officially out of Christmas money.


Allison Talamantez said...

LOVE the boots. They ROCK.

Theresa Milstein said...

Great bargains!

I swore I wasn't buying anything for myself, but when I walked into the store to buy things for other people, and the bargains were there, they were impossible to pass up. I'm sure my next credit card bills will tell me I have no money left to spend too.