Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Lucky Fats.

It started with Jump Rope for Heart. My kids knocked on the neighbor's door. They sent out emails linking to their donation pages. They raised money, followed by some rope jumping. They learned about being heart healthy, and eating heart healthy. You know, so you maintain a good body weight.

Apparently, Emmi got exactly one thing from that. Fat = UNHEALTHY.

After a long day and night before of cake baking and birthday partying, I was not about to cook. And I was starving. Kenny and I had shoved breakfast tacos in our faces between the mopping, vacuuming, and cake icing prior to the party. At 5:45, I made the executive decision that we were going out for Chinese. At the restaurant right outside our neighborhood whose parking lot is littered with cars bearing our neighborhood entrance sticker. By the end of dinner our neighbor two doors down sat one table over and our across the street neighbor sat two tables over. And we were the only people in there. My point? We know everyone who eats there. You see them at the country club later in the week or walking the dog.

When we first arrived there was exactly one other person eating in the restaurant. She sat at a table directly across from us, eating alone. I didn't recognize her, but the only other car in the parking displayed the reflection of the moon sticker I know so well. As we settled into our seats, she chatted with us about how cute our kids were and such.

The waitress handed her a fortune cookie and her check. She cracked open the cookie. No fortune. She turned to us, "What do you suppose that means?!"

The waitress called across the nearly empty restaurant, "I heard that was supposed to be good luck."

We all laughed.

Emmi had been watching, evaluating the whole situation. Listening. Finally she piped up.

"SHE IS SO FAT! SHE IS UNHEALTHY! Right, Mommy? Right?!"

I am pretty sure right then, that empty cookie was not good luck.

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meredith said...

dear emmi,

i promise i am not fat. and in elementary school i used to be on the gymnastic-jump rope team and we did all these cool tricks like doing backflips while we jumped rope. we can so be friends.