Monday, March 29, 2010

T-Mobile is not full of sparkles. Or magic.

Today has been an irritating day. Very irritating. And T-Mobile, you are to blame.

I woke up this morning. And the screen on my phone looked like this.

That's right. Blank. Nada. Nothing. Redundant, I know. I was standing in front of T-Mobile when they opened their doors this morning. I expected magic. And fireworks. And sparkles. Instead I got, "Go home, and try this. Then, dial xyz cause I can't remember what he actually said from your cell to call customer service." Oh really, genius. I should call them. From my phone that won't turn on. When I told Mr. Not Magic or Helpful At All Man that his lack of action pissed me off, he proceeded to tell me all about his bad day. Guess what. I don't care.

At home, his special magic fix, did not work. I made my first call to customer service. Not from my cell phone. Which, of course, required extra top secret verification that I should in fact be attempting to fix this broken phone. Because it would be a real issue if someone not on the account attempted to troubleshoot my phone. And although, I was in fact on the account, they decided I was not. Even after calling my husband fourteen times and having him confirm my ability to be trusted with my own phone. And so, argument and thirty minute phone call number one began.

Five phone calls and two and a half hours later, Blackberry technical support determined they could not fix the problem. I needed a new phone. Which is funny, because that is what I said. TWO AND A HALF hours ago. "Ma'am, just call T-Mobile back, and tell them you need a phone exchange." Which sounded simple.

Except then T-Mobile was unconvinced, and thought perhaps they should send me to Blackberry technical support for further assistance. The same technical support that sent me to them for a new phone. This was a fun loop. Finally, I began responding to all statements and questions with, "SEND ME A NEW PHONE."

Ma'am can you hold, please. SEND ME A NEW PHONE.

Ma'am, have you attempted to take the battery out. No, of course not, asshat. Nobody in the past six phone calls though to have me do that! SEND ME A NEW PHONE.

Ma'am what does the screen look like now. SEND ME A NEW PHONE.

As we headed into hour three, they finally decided to SEND ME A NEW PHONE. I guess they got tired of my screaming and analogies. "If I bought a shirt and it ripped before I even took the tag off of it, I would take it back to the store. The store would then not send me home, and ask me to attempt to sew it myself. When they failed, they would also not send me to another store to ask them for help. They would simply get ME A NEW shirt." How was this complicated? The phone was dead. Shit happens. Phones mysteriously die in the dead of the night.

And now, three hours of my life have been wasted.

T-Mobile. I hate you.


meredith said...

i would have freakin' FLIPPED OUT!!! ughhh, i hate that. and i'm really sorry you had three hours of your life essentially STOLEN from you! and i must say, i died laughing when you said the clothing store doesn't tell you to go home and sew your shirt!! (speaking of, i JUST bought a shirt, and there are what appear to be slash marks all on one of the sleeves! box cutters, maybe?)

Aimee' said...

Aw, man...I love T-Mobile...except a few weeks ago when they were updated their 3G network and I had no signal!

仲亨仲亨 said...
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Allison said...

I think cell phone companies are the pits. I have a little sympathy for the people that work there. I think no one ever goes in in a good mood. But they still should try to use some brain waves. Frustrating. Do you ahve your new one?

I am Trish Marie said...

I got the new one in less than 24 hours. However, I lost ALL of the data off of my old phone. I only had a few numbers on my sim card.

MODG said...

you're on modg today!

melifaif said...

I second that. Hate them too.

ZDub said...

I went through this with Verizon and my stupid piece of shit BlackBerry Storm that just locks up for no reason.

I am going to have you call next time.