Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Overbaked babies.

Jill is going to have another little sister soon. Octoberish. Oh, wipe that shocked look off your face. It isn't me. It is her dad. Well, technically it is Andrea, as I am pretty sure him being pregant is physically impossible.

Jill says, "Maybe the baby will be born on my birthday."

"No, Sweety, that is impossible."

"Why not, Mommy."

"Because then the baby would be overbaked."

"What happens when you overbake a baby?"

"Well, Jill, what happens when you overbake a cookie?"

I lean back against the wall, take a sip of my drink, and watch her ponder this for a minute. The last time I burned cookies, they had marshmallows in them. They poofed up way too big. I am sure she is remembering this.

"I know, Mommy...... They turn brown!"

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