Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend at the River.

After weeks of what felt like blow after blow with Emmi's health, I really needed a break. I was stressed and distracted. My patience was worn thin. I needed to decompress. In a rare bit of good luck, Kenny and I were invited to the river with Cody and Susan on a weekend when we didn't have kiddos. It was Emmi's weekend with her dad, and Jill was spending the weekend with her cousins at my parent's house. So off to the river we went.

We left Friday afternoon, and made it to Cody's family's house before dinnertime. It is a gorgeous home sitting right on the river. The view is amazing. Susan made us dinner. We ate then headed out to one of the fine establishments out near Gruene. Careful, the door is tricky to find! But once inside, the cold beer, young children in the bar, and one-armed pool player will make you feel right at home. (That is probably not at all funny unless you were there.) We stayed up super late....I am thinking aroung 11pm. Then I slept in the following morning, you know, until 8:30am.

Saturday, after a short trip to the outlet mall, we spent the day sunning by the river. It was the most wonderful thing to have no agenda all day. The guys did what guys do, and Susan and I read magazines and sat in the sun. The river was extrememely high, so tubing was out. However, after sitting in the sun the water started to call to us. We spent the rest of the afternoon swinging from the neighbor's rope swing and crafting a tube raft tied to a tree! It was the most relaxing, fun afternoon I have had in a long time.

I could not have asked for a better weekend. I am so glad that we were able to go. Thanks, Susan!! You don't know how much I needed this weekend.

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