Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Stinky Shoes.

Kenny laughed when I told him the first day of school would go smoothly. "You remember last year," he says. I scrunch my face up into the look that can only say, "Uhhh God gave me 'Mommy Amnesia' which thankfully means I can't remember." Then a thought comes to me. Yes, yes. There was screaming. Something else. Something. Oh, yes. The shoes. The shoes never fit. And the shirts were always itchy. It is coming back to me. "No, no, no Kenny. It will be different this year. She picked out all of her own clothes. She has tried it on today to make sure it all feels good. I planned ahead." More laughing, this time followed by the shaking of the head as Kenny walks out of the room.

By 7am, I am smug. Ha. She already has her dress on and her hair done. I do a little dance. "I am right. I am right. La la la la la." I take a picture of the moment. I dance some more. She sits down to put on her shoes.

"THEY DON'T FIT. THEY HURT. THESE SHOES ARE STINKY. I AM NOT WEARING THEM!" Shoes fly across the room. I duck. Kenny smirks. "Told you."


Sheri said...

Oh, I still remember last year! LMBO At least it was tamer. :D Maybe it will be even milder next year. Yeah right, this is Jill we are talking about. :P

Tricia said... should have seen this morning. I dragged, literally DRAGGED, her to the bus this morning with her screaming, "I AM NOT GETTING ON THAT STUPID SMELLY BUS." Guess what? She did get on that stupid, smelly bus.

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