Monday, November 17, 2008

Fish Poo

I always seem to cook more when the weather is cooler. Maybe because I don't particularly like to eat when I am hot. Who knows? It never fails, as the weather changes I suddenly am cooking again. Soups. Enchiladas. I even might break down and attempt my mom's chicken and dumplings. Although, I keep telling Kenny it won't taste anything like hers with instructions like "until it feels like a baby's bottom." Until then, I have tried out Amy's taco soup and my favorite zucchini soup.

As I washed up the dishes from last night's dinner, Kenny wandered into the kitchen. He tapped the side of the fish tank, making a face at the dirty water.

"Hey is the colander in the dishwasher? You used it tonight, right?" He asked me while feeding the fish.

I looked from him to the fish. Confused.

"Why do you need the colander?"

He looks at me blankly. Like it should be obvious. Then I understand. Rocks. In the fishtank. Colander. He had been using the colander that I drain our food in to clean the rocks in the fishtank. In my mind I flashback to the last time the fishtank was cleaned, and silently add up the number of meals I have since used the colander for. Ugh.

I look at him coolly. "I do not want to know if you have ever used the colander to clean fish poo off of the rocks in the fish tanks before, because I might vomit. But let's just get one thing clear. NEVER. DO. THAT. AGAIN."

Today, I bought a brand new colander.


Dave said...

Maybe it's a guy thing, but I have no problem with what Kenny did.
God help us.


the colander really does make sense. my wife and i have used it before. but i'm pretty sure we put it in the dishwasher when we were done.
that's pretty funny though! i suddenly want to go and brush my teeth.

Malskey said...

Oh boy... I would freak..

Ick Ick Ick!

Granted, if he was putting it in the dishwasher it isn't so bad... But I have been known to throw away perfectly good dishes and cups for less...

Sad, but true..

Not a Granny said...

Ewww...I agree. New colander is in order!! I don't care how many times it went through the dishwasher!!

I am Trish Marie said...

I am quite sure he put it in the dishwasher afterwards. But still. Eww.

I am Trish Marie said...

I am quite sure he put it in the dishwasher afterwards. But still. Eww.

zakary said...

Oh god, there is nothing mastier than cleaning an aquarium.

Except eating out of a colander used to clean it.

J said...

D does that too, and I cracked up when you posted this!!! I have to buy new colanders all the time when he is home bc he always wants to use mine for the fish tank.


judy in ky said...

I hate the whole idea of fish tanks... stinky. Yuk!
(I guess it's a good thing I never had any boys, huh?)

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

ok JOHN!! thats so something that he would do, and then be like, "whats the big deal, its clean now!" sick! just some extra flavoring for your soup

That Chick Over There said...

Sounds like something Jason would do.