Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's no secret that I think Jill's dad is a moron. But I say that in a loving way. No seriously. He needs to grow up, and one day he will. But that is the extent of my problems with him. He is a nice, caring person. He means no harm. He just needs to get his act together, and I wasn't going to stick around while he figured that out. I divorced him six years ago. Since then we have remained friends. Though I get irritated at his childish behavior, I am glad that we have maintained a very good relationship. Jill will never worry about which parent to invite to what holiday gathering. Not only can Kris and I get along, but Kris and Kenny get along just fine too. Perhaps that is because they know each other independent of me, as we all went to school together. But for whatever reason, it was something I was always happy with even despite hating Kris's childish behavior.

I have long since been scared that Kris's antics would get him killed. I have waited for the phone calls. I have worried about how I would break the news to Jill.

Kris's latest craptastic move was to go to Thailand for two months. Over Thanksgiving (his holiday). He saved for months for the trip. So what was a little political unrest when you had a trip to take? His flight out was scheduled for late today with him arriving in the US tomorrow morning. He called his family today to let them know he has no way out of the country. A country that is heading into civil war.

The thing is when he left for this trip, we all (his family, my family, his other ex....Jill's sister's mom...and I) had a sinking feeling about it. I told Kenny the day he left that he wasn't coming back. I thought it would be because of his own behavior, but now I worried it might be because of someone else's.


Dave said...

I read this morning about the riots in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport. All flights halted.
Even at the best of times, that countries political climate scares me.

zakary said...

Oh my. That's terrible. I hope he finds a way to make it back safe and sound.

My husband's mother is from Thailand and she is always trying to get us to go over with her to visit relatives. I have no desire to do that. Scary.

Paloma said...

That's awful. I hope he makes it back safely soon. Thinking about you guys. XO

Rebecka said...

That's terrible. I hope he makes it home OK.

Sheri said...

Man, I was just seeing all of that on the news and wondering if Kris was still there. GEEZ! I hope he makes it out alright.

Tina said...

Oh no. I hope he gets back safe.