Friday, November 21, 2008

Little People

There are two things that terrify Kenny.
1. Pregnant women
2. Dwarfs

Now. Don't go yelling at me. Pregnancy is beautiful and all. And I get that dwarfism (or whatever the most PC term is) is a genetic condition much like my own child's condition. So I am not making fun of either pregnant woman or little people. I am making fun of Kenny.

Both creep him out for unknown reasons.

Emmi was next for the CT scan, and they left us stranded in the hall as they finished up the kiddo before her. Every door leading off the hall warned of danger and magnetic fields. From time to time a door would crack open and we could glimpse the odd assortment of medical personnel behind the door. Nurses and techs walked by, wheeling patients past. Emmi ohhhed and ahhhed at the tiny babies that rolled past, completely unaware of exactly what it meant to see a baby that tiny being wheeled to an MRI machine. It was a good people watching spot.

The door immediately to our right opened. A nurse, no taller than Jill, but perfectly proportioned emerged. I stole a quick glance at Kenny, smirking. Without a word he knew that I was laughing at him.

In my lap, I felt Emmi straighten up. On her face was a look of wonder and amazement. Before we could stop her, she shouted, "OH LOOK, SHE LITTLE!"

And Kenny and I tried our best to make ourselves as little as possible, because there was no way the nurse had not heard.


zakary said...

Imagine if Kenny saw a pregnant dwarf?

I am Trish Marie said...

He would be undone!

Malskey said...

HAHAHA... The innocence of kids cracks me up... They state the obvious with no malice or intent to hurt.. But as an adult you know the sensitivity connected to certain things... Oh my... I say laugh away my dear. Laugh away... LOL

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

He's a freak! God, I feel really special because I am a 'little person' (kinda) and he rubbed my belly while I was pregnant. He may have thrownup after words but hey...or maybe I am the reason he doesn't like either of them??hmmm

I am Trish Marie said...

Rachel, I still giggle when I think about when he came home from your house that day. "I poked Rachel's belly!" I mean, he even told me about it! See how special you are.

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

I know, it was kinda weird because I didn't even invite him to do it! I guess it was tempting because I was huge! and very pokeable.