Monday, February 16, 2009

Oops. And what rules.

A long time ago Sheri tagged me for the one where you are supposed to write six things about yourself. I never did it, because, well, I couldn't come up with six random things you A. cared to know B. I hadn't already told you C. wouldn't embarrass me. So it sat undone. Today, as I walked around the house, I kept finding things that made me say, "Huh, I wonder...?" So I decided, instead of six things about me, I am going to post six unsolved mysteries/things around my home that confuse me/things that make me want to put my kids on leashes.

1. How is that neither one of my children is taller than four feet, yet this morning a new (that's right, this has happened more than once) hand print has appeared in the entry hallway approximately ten feet up?

2. How can a kid get pee on her socks, but not her underwear? And why can't they tell me how the socks "got wet" BEFORE they hand them to me.

3. Why is it that my kid insists on having a hot dog and cheese cubes for breakfast and, then, wants cereal and milk packed in her school lunch? That makes me look like a good mom.

4. How come I am the only person in the house that can see anything? "I've looked everywhere and I can't find my hat/jeans/car keys/backpack." Amazingly, I am always able to find hat/jeans/car keys/backpack in plain sight.

5. Why is it that our dishwasher didn't come with a quiet feature (really, try watching TV with that thing on), yet it came with finger print recognition? I am the only person that can open it. I am assuming this is due to the finger print recognition feature that must be installed on it. Why else would we walk all the way from, let's say, the gameroom upstairs or the bedroom into the kitchen, rinse the cup out, and then not take that one teeny tiny extra step to actually put the cup into the dishwasher? Finger. Print. Recognition. It locks them out.

6. And last. Why when my dog is standing half on the rug half on the wood floor, must she puke on the rug? Really? You couldn't puke on the wood floor where a little paper towels and antibacterial cleaner would do the trick? You even turned your damn little doggie head so that you could better aim onto the rug.

So there you have it. Not six things about me, but six things I just can't figure out around here. Maybe you can solve them. Especially that hand print thing.


~Holly~ said...

My dishwasher must have the same finger print recognition feature! haha!

zakary said...

LOL! Seriously, my dog does the same thing. He stands in the bathroom (on tile) and pukes into the hallway (carpet).

Your comment you just left me was priceless!

I am Trish Marie said...

I crack myself up sometimes. In fact, I am still giggling about the homots.

Aimee' said...

I am the only person who can see things in our house too! Weird, huh? Must be the Mom thing because I'm pretty sure when I was little I did the same thing to my mom. The handprint thing...that's kind of creepy. I think I've watched one too many Paranormal States on A&E though!! Also, thanks for the comment...she's had the numbing shot before and did fine...guess I'm just freaking out. haha I work in the medical field so my imagination runs wild sometimes! =)

Sheri said...

LMAO-- I love that you broke the rules! And yeah, my dishwasher must have the same issue. :P

Oh, and pee gets on the socks when they sit too close to the lid and they shoot pee at the crack in between send it down the side of the bowl. When they get off the toilet, they step in the pee. At least, that is how it happens in my house.

Catherine said...

ha! You always make me laugh! Our dog does that same thing but she runs into the kennel and pukes all over the blankets in there. It use to be that she puked on the nice plush doggie pillow but after we threw 4 of those away we got smart and threw blankets in there. Not so comfy but saving $...Still a pain to clean up. Why not do it two feet away on the TILE!?!?!

Not Quite Married said...

Dishwasher? What's that? According to my household, all of our dishes have the finger print recognition feature. Apparently I am the only one that can ever wash them.

Thanks for the laughs this morning, I can relate to all of your entry! :)