Monday, February 9, 2009

What? Where's the chicken?

I often do really smart things. Really smart. Like email my mom for her chicken tetrazzini recipe, make myself a grocery list, go to the store, come home, start cooking the meal, and realize I never put CHICKEN on the grocery list.

We had a skillet meal, instead.

It's the thought that counts, right?


Sheri said...

HAHAHA! Daniel did that same thing last Monday when he was going to make chicken parm. He came back with everything but the chicken. I was nice, though, and ran to the store for it. I'm a badass wife like that.

Allie said...

LOL, I do that all the time. I tried to make spaghetti with meat sauce once without any spaghetti. Try that one.

Allison said...

I soooo would do something like that....isn't it funny when you are overly on top of things something goes and screws it up?!?!?

Dave said...

Chicken is so overrated Trish!
I love "Butter Chicken" but really it is the Indian spices in the sauce.
I figure the chicken is just a "carrier" for sauce and spice anyway.


Not a Granny said...

Yes, I do that also. Only I will sometimes, not often.....have it on the list, pick it up, put it back in the basket, then end up putting it back because I think I already have one....Sigh