Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Doodlebops....Oh Yeaaah.

Last night, my toothache turned into a sinus infection. Eh. Who knew? I am not doctor. How should I know that it wasn't really my tooth that was hurting? Shortly after I figured out that it wasn't my tooth, my fever went sky high causing me to enter a state of delirium. Adding to this I took Sudafed (The good shit that you have to get from the pharmacist and sign the paper that says you won't go home and start up a meth lab with your four precious sudafed pills.). I become more delirious. The congestion clears, however.

Then the cough starts. I tried to hold off taking anything more, as I was already holding my hands in front of my face in wonder. Woooowww....I have ten fingers. Wheeeeeee. Look at them wiggle. I cough some more. I cave and take my cough medicine. Also very good shit. Prescribed by my favorite doctor of all time. The lovely, sweet doctor that was nice enough to give me codene-laced cough syrup. Within twenty minutes, I am in a complete stupor. For the record, I was the only one in the room who heard the dog talk.

I was sure the medicine would wear off by the morning. I was wrong. I ship both kids off to school, and park it on the couch. Thirty minutes later, I am still sitting on the couch, watching tv giggling at the show. The medicine begins to wear off with food and coffee. My head starts to clear. I no longer find my fingers fascinating. I blink, shake my head, and settle in on the couch to finish watching my show. Confused, I squint at the TV. No. Surely I have not been watching this the whole time? Maybe I accidently pushed the return button on the remote? I look around for the remote. It is on top of the entertainment center. Hmmm. I think back. What exactly was I watching? Then I realize I am singing to myself.

"We're the Doodlebops, the Doodlebops, Oh yeaaah."

Damn codene. I just spent thrity full minutes bopping along to the Doodlebops. Ohhhh yeeeaah.

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