Monday, July 27, 2009

Short, Quick Update

Emmi is doing well. In the past half hour, she has chased bubbles, ate crackers, made glove balloon people, and drew a picture of Daddy sleeping. Although, Daddy has yet to sleep since 5am. Maybe she actually drew a picture of Wishful Thinking.

The past half hour has been good. Before that she slept. Before that was not much fun. There was vomiting and thrashing about and ripping bandages off and having to restrain her and a nurse that was no help at all that I yelled at causing an orderly to step in and help us out. He saved the day. Luckily, we were moved out of her care pretty quickly, and other than those not so fun thirty minutes all has gone well.

The surgery itself was a success. The old implant is out. The new one is in. If all goes as planned we will be home sometime tomorrow.


Kristina said...

I'm so happy to hear everything went relatively well. I thought of her most of today (while we were sitting with the audiologist trying to figure out why Emma's implant keeps shutting itself off for no reason!). Emmi sounds like she made up for lost time in the half hour she was doing good - lots of activity!

Hope all stays well and you get home soon and move on to more wedding craziness for a break from all the CI challenges!

Aimee' said...

Glad she's feeling well!!