Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas to ME!

We were supposed to just exchange stocking stuffers, as is our plan for the years that the girls are gone. I kind of went overboard, but really there were only so many cigars and lotto tickets I could buy. So I got some real presents for Kenny. Some things he really wanted. But then I got to my presents. And wow! He did great.

First he bought me the perfume I wanted. I have the lotion, but my brokeass can't afford the perfume. AND HE BOUGHT IT!!! Whoohooo!

Then I needed a new bra last month, so I drug him into Victoria's Secret. I eyed a few shirts in the Pink collection. But I was being a good girl and only buying presents for kids and family, not myself. But somehow Kenny, who never listens to a word I say, managed to remember exactly what I was looking at(and get it in my size!).

I am always moaning and complaining that I get slimy fingers on my cookbooks while I am cooking. I am anal. I hate dirty books. Of any kind. I blame my mother for this problem. She started it! So anyway, it has been a real problem. Kenny found a cookbook stand that holds the pages open, stores stray recipes, has all of the measurement conversions listed on it, and happens to gorgeously match my kitchen decor.

And my favorite gift. The best one. The part that definitely did not fit into my stocking was the shelves I have wanted for soooooo long. I have books everywhere. Piles of them. And no book shelves. Until now. Now I have two! And I love them. They are the matching set to our dining table, which also matches our entertainment center. And they look amazing in our house!

Not bad for someone who was expecting a box of her favorite chocolates and the expensive coffee beans I only buy for special occasions (which, by the way, he also bought!).

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