Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It is no secret that Jill's teacher and I don't see eye to eye. It all started way back when on Meet The Teacher Day. Spotting a potential problem, I pointed out that perhaps Jill should not sit next to her friend that lives on our street as Jill is quite the talker. Her teacher responded with, "I think I can handle my own classroom." Excuse me?! Oh no. Uh uh. Girl didn't go there. I inhaled sharply, ready to spew. Then I caught Kenny's eye, and he was giving me the "shut your trap" look. I clamped my mouth closed, trying hard to resist covering my mouth with my hand to keep the word vomit from exiting. I counted to ten, and walked away. Then, get this, a week later she sends a note home with Jill asking me to discuss Jill's behavior. Honey, you had your chance for my help, I think I will just let your "handle" your classroom all by yourself. Obviously, we are not the best of friends.

So when the homeroom mom approached me to help out with the Christmas party, I was a little hesitant. On top of that, Jill is not even going to be there that day, as she is flying to her dad's. But, I felt bad for the mom that was in charge, since she had no help. I agreed to do the centerpieces for the tables. Besides, I could use them for our house afterwards. And, well, let's face, I tend to get over involved in arts and crafts projects. A week later, the homeroom mom calls to tell me she has quit. Without getting into details the teacher pissed her off, and she quit. No more homeroom mom. Later that day, my neighbor asked me if I could take over. I already had the centerpieces. Really, how hard would it be to get some cookies? So I agreed to help, otherwise my neighbor (whose child is in another class!) would be doing it. Sigh. I mean really, it is for the kids, not the teacher. But ohhhhh that teacher.

I brought Jill lunch today. Her teacher stopped by the table to talk to me. I brought up the Christmas party. And what does she tell me?

"I already have help. I have three moms working on it. I have one mom coordinating. She found someone to do centerpieces, and another mom to put together a game. We won't need your help." She smirks, as if this hurts my feelings.

Yeah. Okay. No. Cause the coordinator quit, and ummm I am making the centerpieces. Or at least I was.

"Are you aware that the homeroom mom quit. She refuses to help?"

Jaw drops. Then she recovers.

"Well, we don't need your help. Besides, Jill won't even be there."

Yep, lady. You're right. Jill won't be there....and neither will my really cute centerpieces!


Not a Granny said...

When my daughter was in school we were always getting notes from the teachers about her "socializing". They would move her desk next to the teacher and she would talk to herself.

Her 5th grade teacher sounds a lot like this one. I finally told her, "she talks, nothing we do stops it. she has been this way since birth..."

Tiffany said...

Wow. Just wow.

Karin's Korner said...

Ditto to what Tiffany said.. just has me shaking my head and saying wow...ok I am adding my own...what a *** (rhymes with witch) why in the world would a teacher be that way?? Tell her to slow down on the coffee...or drink more....or whatever it takes...Just knock it off!!