Friday, July 25, 2008

A little rain. A lot of sun.

Vacationing in the middle of a hurricane is maybe not the best idea. We landed in Cancun, and started on the hour long drive to the city we were staying in. It rained off and on during the drive. No big deal. Like Houston, that part of Mexico can be full of raging, dark clouds one minute, and the next minute the clouds will give way to bright sunshine. Our first indication that there was anything amiss was at dinner time. The hostess explained as she lead us to our seats that we would not be able to order any alcohol.

"Okay....why?" I glanced back at Kenny and shrugged. We had been walking for awhile. I was hot. I didn't want to find another restaurant. I didn't need a drink that bad.

"It is illegal in Mexico when a hurricane is coming to serve alcohol," the hostess matter-of-factly replied.

Oh. Makes senses. Wait. Hold on. Did she just say, "when a hurricane is coming"? By the time we finished dinner, stores were closing, shop owners taping windows up, chairs and tables at outdoor restaurants being secured down with ropes. Most of the tourist had left the city, returning to the safety of their hotels. It was slightly eerie.

By the next morning it was clear that the "hurricane" was nothing more than a bad rainstorm. One that lasted the first two days of our trip. By the third day, the clouds gave way, and the sweltering heat set in, leaving us to explore the city and hang out on the beach.

The entrance to Alux, a restaurant built inside a cave!

Hanging out on the beach....and in a tree!

***More pictures to come! I will put them in a slideshow today.***


zakary said...

That's crazy! Looks like you guys had fun though.

Not a Granny said...

Thank God that is not a law here in Florida! I would never survive hurricane season!

Glad things cleared up for you. Sounds like things turned out pretty great!

I am Trish Marie said...

I know! It should be the opposite. FREE alcohol in a hurricane.

Allie Bear said...

You and Kenny look so cute together, Tricia and Kenny sitting in a tree...tee hee!

Anonymous said...

Da-Yum, you are rockin' that bikini! Nice! Wish I could pull that off. Glad the weather cleared and you guys are having fun!

Sheri said...

I was wondering if you had watched the news before you left about the hurricane. :D I almost called you Sunday morning, but I figured there was no turning back. LOL

I told you how when we didn't know about T.S. Allison when we first got together and were too "busy" to turn on the tv. Then got stranded for a while at Lucky Burger when we took a break to eat. :D

Glad the weather cleared and you had fun. CALL ME!

Lisa said...

Wow, you are have such a big personality...who knew!

That Chick Over There said...

Look at you in the bikini!