Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Things I Will Keep In Mind.

I have two newly engaged friends. I am happy for them. Really. Or at least for one of them. The other is driving me nuts. There should be a deadline for how long you can call to talk about your engagement and wedding. After that expiration date, I don't want to hear about it. I got it already. You have a ring on your finger. And there will be a wedding. One in which you didn't ask me to be a part of. So really, I don't give two shits whether or not your bridesmaids wear tangerine. Nor do I care that the flowers arrangements are not quite what you imagined. That is what your bridesmaids are for. Call them. They will pretend to care.


Erin and Liann said...

LOL!! My aunt was married last weekend and she didn't care about any of it. We all called it the grooms wedding because he cared and she didn't. The only thing she wanted was for me to sing, which I did. I think we should hunt down all the groomzillas out there!


Sheri said...

I can't believe she is still calling to discuss all this with you after not asking you to be in the wedding. Hopefully, you will be able to return her kindness soon. LOL

David said...

YOu kill me!
You should tell her, "look, if you want me to give a shit, then make me something official in this shindig. If not then call a wedding party person. "
Trish- thanks for your help with my CI questions! Also, did they really line up Emmi's off kilter? You got me thinking. Should I bring my level into the OR?

Ashley said...

Tangerine? Seriously?

I'd jump for joy if I were you about not having to wear tangerine! WOOHOO!!

Just tell her to you are going to start charing a fee to talk to you about it. :P

Allie Bear said...

I hate people like that, my SIL was like that, I was 18 so I made it very clear that I didn't give a shit when I went to Mardi Gras instead of her bachlorette party. It wasn't s difficult decision: listen to her talk about her dress for another 2 hours or get drunk and take my top off?? I'm sure you would have made the same decision.

~Holly~ said...

Welcome to my world! :) I get to hear crazy bride stories daily. For example...Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things that the napkins are chocolate brown and not truffle? No it doesn't. People use them to wipe their mouths and the colors are very similiar anyways.